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A Guide to Buying a Suit

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The quality of a suit depends on its color, style and material, but the biggest factor is whether you can look good. Men can be divided into two categories: "large" and "short". The safest color for men with a strong body shape when choosing a suit is dark tones, which can modify their figure and make themselves look smaller. The fabric should not be too thick. Even in winter, it is best to use medium thickness or multi-layer dressing to avoid visual expansion effects. It is recommended to choose a drape fabric that is smooth and does not have too many three-dimensional textures. As for men with short builds, the shoulder pads in the suit jacket are indispensable, which can modify the figure more squarely. Monotone clothes can make people look slender, and men with short stature should make more use of it. In choosing the length of the jacket, the standard is appropriate. The standard means that the hem just covers the hips, and it is not good if it is too long or too short. Of course, suits are not the patent of mature men, nor are they static. Smart men will highlight their personalities in the same suits. Casual suits, which are between traditional and casual, have become the new favorites of men. Some young men wear suits without a tie or wear T-shirts with suits.

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Choosing a suit is undoubtedly another growth history for a man. With the increase of age and experience, you are more and more picky about suits, and even tailor-made the suit that suits you most regardless of your blood. You gradually discovered that to measure the quality of a suit, the most important thing is not the price and brand, but many quality details including fabrics, cutting, and processing techniques.

Although machine-processed suits are already very good, some parts of the suits are still hand-made, because tailor-made suits are not comparable to ready-made suits. It is no wonder that a full set of customized suits is very expensive. The difference between a good suit and an ordinary suit lies in the fineness of the workmanship. Check the workmanship to pay attention to six aspects: whether the lining is exposed, but also whether the seams and pockets of the suit are aligned, whether the buttons are firm, whether the surface is blistered, whether the stitches are uniform, whether the appearance is smooth, and so on. These are the main points to observe the quality of suits.

Of course, when choosing a suit, you can't neglect the fabric. Don't choose airtight man-made fibers, otherwise you will feel very hot. Natural fabrics should be considered first, and wool is of course the first choice in autumn and winter suits. Pure wool, pure cashmere fabrics and a high proportion of wool-polyester blended fabrics with wool can all be used as suit fabrics. Lightweight wool is more stylish and durable than cotton, linen or silk fabrics.

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