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How Do Jeans Look Good With a Suit?

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According to the usual collocation, a suit is a match between a formal jacket and a formal pants. Formal suits are mainly used for more formal occasions, but today's suit matching is no longer limited to formal occasions, but also suitable for casual occasions. But a formal suit is a bit different from casual occasions, so we have to consider the way of casual matching of suits. At this time, it doesn't have to be a formal suit with formal trousers, but the matching style of jeans and suits appears.

Some people would say that such a match would be too obtrusive. Indeed, it is true that there is a certain sense of conflict between the two items with large differences in style. Therefore, to weaken this sense of conflict, when choosing suits, we should try our best to choose casually designed suits, so that it will be more harmonious with casual jeans. When it comes to casual suits, the black suit style must be mentioned. Since pure black suits are more formal and serious, try to avoid pure black suits when matching.

Lighter suit styles such as gray and blue are the first choice. They are versatile and not easy to make mistakes. So how to choose pants? If the pair of trousers is jeans, first of all, you need to consider the color coordination problem. The more versatile jeans color styles mainly include gray styles, dark blue styles, and black styles. Therefore, the choice of jeans is prioritized from these three colors.

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Of course, if you want to be a little casual and formal, then black suits can also be used as a matching choice. As long as the trousers are not formal trousers, they will not look too formal and serious when matched. For the choice of shoes, it is recommended to choose more casual shoe styles, such as casual leather shoes, white shoes, sports shoes, and canvas shoes. The color of the shoes is recommended to be the same as that of the trousers, or the color of the jacket, suit or inner wear. This can play a corresponding role, and the colors will be more coordinated and not easy to make mistakes.

If the color of the whole body is not too fancy, then you can choose shoes that are different from the color of the clothes to match, so that you can enrich the match and make the overall eye-catching and brighter.

Of course, having matching skills is not enough, you must see if you are suitable for matching suits and jeans. Generally speaking, boys who are relatively small, have a small skeleton, and are thinner, cannot hold up a suit, and will highlight their shortcomings. It feels like a child is wearing an adult's clothes. In short, a suit with jeans is a trendy way of wearing. How to wear it is more beautiful. In addition to distinguishing colors and styles, you also need to match your body shape.

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