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Purchase Tips of Formal Shirts

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Formal shirts are generally divided into slim, classic, full and other tailoring. When choosing a formal shirt, you should choose the best-fitting shirt according to your body shape. You can verify the fit of the shirt through the following key points.

When the top button of the shirt is fastened, the space between the collar and neck of the shirt should be able to accommodate the next finger. When you turn your neck, the collar of the shirt cannot turn with it. After you put on the shirt and tie the hem into the pants, the upper part of the waist belt should be flat without accumulation marks, and the part tied into the pants should not support the trousers. The sleeves of the shirt need to be of the right size and length. After the cufflinks are fastened, the bent arms will not be tight and will not form a pile. The length of the sleeve should just reach the wrist position. When putting on a suit, with your hands drooping naturally, the cuffs of the shirt should be slightly exposed about 1 cm.

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When choosing a formal shirt, the collar type of the shirt is also very important. The collar type is the first impression that the shirt gives to people. You need to choose the collar type that suits you. The pointed collar is a versatile style. No matter it is a tie of any style, a bow tie or open wear, you will not make a mistake. It is a basic versatile style. At the same time, it is strongly recommended that men with a round face and a short neck choose the pointed collar. It can lengthen the proportion of the face, making it look longer than the face. The sharp-cornered collar is also the most formal collar type, which can be suitable for any occasion, whether you are the president or the God Father, there is no problem to wear it. The shirt with an open-angle collar has a strong sense of form, can well express the texture of the tie, and has a strong British style. It is recommended that men with thin faces and long necks choose open-corner shirts to make the ratio of their face and neck look smaller. The details of the tie are visible under the open collar, if you have a good tie.

The cuff of the shirt is also a detail that needs attention. The basic cuff styles are divided into Standard style and French style. The Standard style means that the cuffs are fitted with buttons, generally ranging from one to more. The more buttons, the more formal. Of course, the most formal and traditional is French, which means that the cuffs are closed by special cufflinks. There is no absolute difference between these two types of cuffs, it mainly depends on which one you like.

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