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Tips for Choosing Shirts

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Now more and more people like to wear shirts, not only because they are comfortable to wear, but also because of their diverse styles, which can meet our various needs. However, as a man who chooses clothes not so meticulously, he is very likely to lose his way in shirt selection. Next, we will analyze how to buy shirts from three aspects. With the development of the times, more and more clothing styles have been designed, and among them, the most popular thing for men is shirts. No matter what the occasion, only a shirt can attract all the attention. But among the thousands of styles of shirts, how to choose a shirt that suits you?

1. Fabric

The most common shirt fabrics on the market nowadays are cotton, linen, blended fabrics, wool, corduroy, etc., which have relatively strong warmth retention properties. One of the reasons that affects which fabric you choose is the change of seasons. If you are in the hot summer, you can choose shirts made of cotton, linen and blended fabrics. These fabrics can absorb sweat and wick moisture, have strong light resistance, and are more durable, but generally shirts of this kind of fabric are very easy to wrinkle and deform. When choosing these fabrics, you can judge from the touch. If it feels soft and delicate, it is mostly pure cotton fabric; if it is dry and smooth, it is mostly chemical fiber composites.

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2. Version

Not to mention the variety of shirt fabrics, even the indistinguishable version designs are springing up like bamboo shoots after a rain. Men generally buy shirts with slim fit, oversize, printed, plaid and other styles. Especially the slim-fit shirt is one of the standard equipment for men when attending formal occasions. However, slim-fit shirts are more suitable for mature and stable careers. If you are young or want to relax, oversize and plaid style shirts are better choices.

3. Style

There are various styles of shirts circulating on the market, whether it is hip-hop, formal, casual styles, etc., they all have their place. Generally, when choosing a shirt style, you should judge based on your own preference and then from your actual age. Or if you want to break the image of the past, you can try before buying, so as to more accurately judge the style that suits you.

4. Color

In terms of color, white and blue shirts have always been the mainstream colors for men to choose shirts. Blue gives a calm and steady, red gives a warm and generous feeling. Striped or plaid shirts with white backgrounds are more relaxed, this shirt has a stronger sense of business; Dark shirts and patterned shirts are generally not suitable for formal activities and high-level business activities. They should only be worn in a more relaxed and casual atmosphere or when participating in a party.

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