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A Few Tips to Keep You From Feeling Hot in a Suit in Summer

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A suit is a must-have for every man, whether it is worn for formal occasions or as a casual wear, it can be worn with a different feeling. Many men can't avoid wearing suits in summer. So today we will introduce to you how to wear suits in summerwithout feeling so hot.

The first thing is to choose a suit suitable for summer. How to choose? Of course the fabric is the most important. In terms of fabric, you can choose linen, wool plus silk or lightweight wool. Linen and mulberry silk are also common ingredients in men's suit fabrics. Linen clothes are easy to wrinkle and look not so crisp and flat, but they look very tasteful! Summer fabrics almost contain hemp, and the vision is very comfortable and natural. Suits containing linen are easy to match with pants, woolen trousers, jeans, cotton casual pants can be matched, and even beach shorts can be matched. After choosing the right fabric, you can also choose the craft. In summer, you can make a half-lined suit with light-weight shoulder pads. Wearing it is like wearing a breathable shirt, which is both beautiful and comfortable. Lightweight suits are characterized by their comfort and coolness, making them most suitable for summer.

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The second thing is that you can choose not to wear a tie, and the top button of the shirt can choose not to be buttoned, so that the cool breeze will not be overly stuffy. If you wear a tie and your neckline is hot and tight, you may get prickly heat around your neck. But if you don't wear a tie, it may look like your collar collapses. It's best to add a collar brace, so it's perfect!

The last point is to expose your ankles. The veins at the ankles are close to the skin. As soon as it cools down, the whole body will cool down. So you can choose seven-point trousers with shallow socks and then put on a pair of loafers. It is not rude to match a gentleman in summer. This way of dressing is almost versatile. The only drawback is that it is not formal enough. If you want to wear a formal suit to meet a client, you still need to wear socks to cover your ankles.

A gentleman enjoys the coolness and takes it with a degree. On the premise of maintaining dignity, it is understandable to dress cooler in summer. But if you just want to cool the old man's vest and increase the pants, that is definitely not what a mature man should look like. Sometimes with good techniques, you don't need to expose your skin too much to enjoy the coolness. Have you learned all these tips for wearing a suit in summer?

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