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Clclassification of Jackets

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Jackets are more comfortable to wear on the body. Jackets give people a more comfortable, natural and generous feeling when worn on the body. Jacket is also a kind of clothes that we wear for a long time in our daily life. There are many styles of it, which can meet our different needs. Since the jacket is a kind of clothes we often wear, what do you know about the fabrics of the jacket?

When the jacket is made, the use of its fabric is divided into high-end fabrics, mid-to-high-end fabrics, and mid-to-low-end fabrics. High-end fabrics generally include natural leather such as sheepskin, cowhide and horse skin. There are wool-polyester blends and wool-cotton blends. There is also a processed high-grade fiber blended and purified fiber fabric. Mid-to-high-end fabrics include all kinds of mid-length fiber tweed, imitation sheepskin, nylon silk and so on. Medium and low-grade fabrics are viscose cotton blends and pure cotton and other more common fabrics.

We now know the fabric classification of jackets, let's take a look at the styles of jackets together!

If we divide jackets from their functions, they can be roughly classified into three categories: jackets used as work clothes; jackets used as casual wear; jackets used as dresses.

The jackets used as work clothes are characterized by many pockets, which meets the needs of laborers to put labor tools. Casual wear jackets are currently more characterized by being casual, natural, generous, loose and comfortable, and easy to put on and take off. Wearing them will give people a feeling of relaxation and relieve fatigue. Jackets used as dresses are generally more solemn jackets evolved from suits. Its auxiliary shape is mostly suit-collar card-curve style. Compared with other jackets, the jacket fits and is generous.

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In modern life, due to the light and comfortable characteristics of jackets. Jackets, like other types of clothing styles, are active in the clothing lives of all ethnic groups in the world in a more innovative way. Common jackets generally have the following types.

Quilted jacket: dark blue short, small stand-up collar jacket is simple and fashionable. The design of thin cotton through the quilting is not heavy, and it is matched with plaid trousers to create a British style.

Casual jacket: Nylon jacket is a must-have item for business trips. It is soft and comfortable to wear and easy to carry. The combination of warm colors highlights a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle.

Lapel jacket: Jackets with large lapels and zippers also have a military look. They can also be called Harley motorcycle jackets and rock jackets. The neckline is the key design link, and the concealed button or zipper device can be added with a warm fur collar at any time. You can also put up the collar or wear a scarf according to your needs, which is windproof and warm.

Cavalier jacket: The racing jacket that emphasizes the wide-shoulder waistline adopts a stand-up collar, mostly bright colors, and the zipper and the quilting on the shoulders are also very decorative. Compared with the heroic military uniform style, the style is more changeable.

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