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How Men Choose Clothes According to Their Body Type

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Everyone's figure is different, and the effect of dressing is also completely different. This is why the same piece of clothing looks good when others wear it, but you wear it cheaply and look fat. Now we will share with you how to match clothes according to your figure, quickly improve the sense of high-level dressing, and make you stand out from the crowd.

1.Triangular body shape

Men with a triangular body shape often have a slight beer belly and soft shoulder lines. Their abdomen will produce a disproportionate body image, because the upper part of the torso appears smaller than the lower part. The triangular body type is characterized by narrower shoulders and chest than hips and waist. Therefore, dressing and matching should focus on solving the imbalance caused by the lower part of the body that looks larger than the upper part. Inappropriate clothes can exacerbate imbalance, so you need to make sure that your clothes fit your body. Taking advantage of layering can increase the appearance around the shoulders and chest.

People of this figure can choose to wear a jacket, which can form a structure on the upper part of the torso. One of the challenges of this body type is to correct the appearance of slanted shoulders. Wear structured suit jackets and lined jackets can create three-dimensional shoulders.

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2. Inverted triangle body shape

Bodybuilders or athletes are characterized by wide chests and shoulders, and narrow hips and waists. Men with a triangle body inverted need to pay attention to correct the imbalance between the upper and lower body. The point is to make your lower body look wider.

People of this size should avoid top-heavy wearing loose double-breasted jackets. A longer jacket made of softer fabric will help widen the torso and maintain a certain proportion with the shoulders. This body shape will naturally accentuate your shoulders.

3. Rectangular body shape

Although this figure is not ideal, this body type has a more proportional balance between the upper and lower parts of the body. The shoulders are as wide as the waist and hips. When matching, focus on widening the shoulders and narrowing the waist to create the illusion of a trapezoid. At the same time, you have to learn to find the balance point in all clothing. People of this body type should choose a suit jacket with a stronger sense of structure, with padded shoulders, which can widen your shoulder line. The length of the suit jacket should be longer so that the length of your torso is proportional to the length of your legs. You can choose a suit jacket with as many pockets as possible, which will form more horizontal lines on your body and help to move your attention away from the straightness of the graphicsAt the same time, you should avoid wearing double-breasted jackets because they will further emphasize the rectangular shape.

4. Oval body shape

The oval body is round in the stomach, the shoulders are narrow, and the legs are slim. This body type should focus on extending the torso when matching clothes, not emphasizing the middle section, widening the shoulders, and adding clarity to the rest of the body. And you should avoid wearing high-contrast clothes.

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