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Precautions for Purchasing a Parka

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In the cold winter, besides down jackets, there is also a very popular dress called parka, and parka is also a more popular coat in recent years, men and women like to wear it very much, and you will not look fat after wearing it.  So, what should you pay attention to when buying a parka? What are the advantages and disadvantages of parka coats? Let's take a look together!

1. We check whether the inner layer of the clothes is shed when we buy the parka. If it is a slight hair loss, it is normal. We can comb the newly bought parka and remove the floating hair so that it will not fall off easily in the future. However, in order to pursue low cost, some merchants use some bad craftsmanship, or choose a lot of scrap fur and other materials. They cut corners in the production process, and clothes are prone to severe hair loss. Therefore, we must choose a liner that is not easy to shed hair when purchasing, in order to ensure the quality of the clothes.

2. The price of clothes varies with the different materials. For example, some thousand-yuan clothes are considered high-quality products, and some even directly exceed 10,000 yuan. In general, the parka is a relatively cost-effective clothing. After all, it has a textile shell which greatly improves the wearability. And this shell can also be replaced, which adds more choices of clothes.

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One of the advantages of parka coats is that many parka coats are made up of some coat outer shell and fur inner layer. They look thick and bloated, but in fact they are particularly thin when worn on the body. So this is why many fashionistas choose parka.

Parka coat has a harder version, and its material will not be as fluffy as a down jacket. Parker coats are all sturdy and very close-fitting designs. You don't have to worry about looking fat when you wear them.

Some fur on the edge of the parka coat hat will not only be very warm, but also show that your face is very small. If you feel that the inner layer of the fur is bloated, you can remove it. Parker coat is a windproof type, so you don't have to worry about removing the inner layer and not keeping warm.

The disadvantage of parka coats is that they are not easy to clean. If the parka is made of genuine leather, its price is relatively more expensive, and if it is made of faux fur, it is cheaper.

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