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Daily maintenance of down jackets

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In the cold winter, down jackets are really good winter clothes, they can keep warm and comfortable. However, good down jackets are expensive. In order to prolong its wearing life, daily maintenance is very important! So now let's talk about how to maintain down jackets.

1. Be sure to wash down jackets by hand

We will find that on the inside of the down jacket, on the small label of the care and washing instructions, 90% of the down jackets indicate that they should be washed by hand and should not be dry cleaned. The main ingredient of down is protein. When it is dried in a dry cleaner, the down tends to become brittle, shatter, and come out from the seams of the clothes, which is the so-called runaway. Next time you wear it again, it won't be as warm as before, and the down will stick to your other clothes, which is particularly annoying.

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2. Don't rub the down jacket

Do not rub the down jacket with your hands when washing. The dirty areas must be brushed with a soft brush or an old toothbrush. Brush the key areas and areas that are not too dirty. After that, run it twice with clean water to make sure to wash off the laundry detergent. Be sure not to twist it after washing, it will damage the down, just squeeze it with both hands along the texture of the fabric, and then hang it to dry.

3. It is best to use neutral detergent to clean down jackets

Neutral detergent can reduce the damage to protein fibers, and has excellent washing power and protective and conditioning effects. After washing, it can maintain the luster of the down jacket fabric and the fluffy inside. If you use alkaline detergent, if the rinse is not clean, the residual detergent will cause damage to the down jacket, and it is easy to leave white marks on the surface of the clothes, which will affect the appearance.

4. Avoid exposure to the down jacket in the sun

Many people like to expose the down jacket in the sun like a quilt, thinking that this will make the clothes looser, but in fact, this will accelerate the aging of the down jacket fabric. Hang the down jacket in a ventilated place and dry it in the shade. After it's dry, put the clothes flat on the bed and pat the clothes around with a hanger to restore their fluffy state.

5. In summer, pay attention to the mildew-proof and moisture-proof of down jackets

When putting the down jacket in the closet during the season, wrap it in a ventilated finishing bag, put a mothball in it to prevent moths, and then store it in a ventilated and dry closet. Be careful not to put it under pressure. In the summer rainy season, it is best to take out the down jacket for inspection to see if there is damp and mildew. If mold is found, wipe it with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol, and then wipe it with a clean damp towel to dry it thoroughly before putting it away.

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