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Warm Coats for Winter

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A very warm jacket is indispensable in the cold winter. Today we will introduce several coats that are both warm and fashionable in winter.

1. Down jacket

Down jackets are the most reliable clothes to keep warm in winter, but I usually don't recommend them, because the bloated down jackets are not in line with the elegant temperament of our sportsmen. But if you want to keep warm, you must mention down jackets. The biggest problem with down jackets is not that it is very thick, but that the stripes like caterpillars make the down jackets look less beautiful. The main function of the bar is to lock the down in the down jacket so that they do not run around and squeeze into a pile. Especially the light and thin down jackets that have been popular in recent years. If you want to make the down jacket thin, it is necessary to distribute the down more evenly and not to squeeze them together, so the stripes will be thinner and denser. A thicker down jacket will have a much wider stripe and look slightly better. But it's best to choose a style that doesn't see the horizontal bars. In order to increase the aesthetics of down jackets, some brands of down jackets make the stripes on the inside of the clothes, which makes them look much better and greatly reduces the bloated feeling of down jackets.

2. Lamb wool denim jacket

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Needless to say, the versatile attributes of denim, I'm sure that everyone reading this article, there are at least 3 denim items in the closet, whether it is a denim jacket, denim shirt or jeans. Denim items are essential clothes to accompany us in all seasons, but denim jackets are rarely seen in winter. It may be that the denim fabric is not thick enough, or the fabric is too hard, giving people a cold feeling. However, a denim jacket with lamb velvet inside is very suitable for winter. It is warm and windproof. The most important thing is that you can continue to be cool. Both black and washed blue denim jackets are classic.

3. Double breasted coat

The double-breasted coat first appeared as a navy uniform. Under the blow of the cold sea wind in winter, a thick wool coat that can tightly wrap the body is the best choice. The double-breasted buckle is tighter than the single-breasted buckle, which can effectively prevent cold wind from penetrating into the body from the hem, so it is warmer. At the same time, it is also an excellent carrier of the British style. You try to stand up the collar like Beckham, so that it looks more handsome, while also maintaining the temperature of the neck. Do not wear all the buttons of a double-breasted coat. Although this design is for more warmth, please do not do that because it will look unfashionable.

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