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The Difference Between Parka and Down Jacket

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There is lots of warm clothing in winter. Parka and down jackets are two very popular warm clothing. Both parka and down jackets are very warm. Many people wonder which one to buy for better warmth. Generally speaking, parka coats have better warmth retention. But in fact, Parka coats and down jackets of different materials and different prices are not much comparable. However, in recent years, the warmth-keeping effect of parka coats has been recognized by more people, and in terms of styles, parka coats are more fashionable and stylish, and their popularity is also higher. Parka coat not only looks particularly warm on the outside, even the inside of the clothes is full of warmth, because the inner liner is made of fur. However, in recent years, the styles of down jackets have changed more and more, so whether it is a pike or a down jacket, it is recommended to choose a down jacket in terms of warmth retention. In terms of style and fashion, parka coats may be more suitable for you.

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Down jackets are filled with a large amount of down (generally duck down) to keep warm, but it is not that the more down, the warmer it is. The warmth of the down jacket depends on the bulkiness, but the lightweight down jacket will have a better warmth. Because the fluffier the down, the more air will be contained in the middle of the down. Down jackets are more bloated compared to parka coats. It is also because of the fluffy feeling it brings, making people look like a ball. It is recommended not to choose a down jacket that is too fluffy, which will feel top-heavy.

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Parker coats are the perfect combination of the warmth of down jackets and the fashion sense of coats. At first, the parka was the basic coat for the Eskimos to protect against the cold. Later, it was used by the U.S. Army for wind and snow protection. The fabric of the parka coat is durable and strong. It can be said that it will be no problem to wear for decades, even if it is passed on to the next generation. The basic style of parka coat is composed of windproof front, detachable fur, and windproof hat. With the development of the times and the change of fashion trends, Parker coats only add more fashion elements on the original basis. The simple tailoring of Parker coats and the combination of various colors of fur not only make you look fashionable, but also help you avoid bloated feeling in winter.

The key to whether a parka or a down jacket is warmer depends on the inner liner. Some parka coats are made of animal fur, while the inner layer of down jackets is duck down. Animal fur is warmer than duck down. Some parka coats are also built with duck down, and the fabric of parka coats is usually nylon cloth. At this time, its warmth is not as good as high-density down jackets.

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