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What Is a Parka

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The name of the parka is derived from the Inuit clothing Parka, which means "the fur of the beast" in the Inuit language. The severe cold near the Arctic Circle and the harsh environment forced them to use seal fur and reindeer fur to make a thick coat of animal fur, and leave the animal hair in a circle around the edge of the hat. This is the earliest prototype of the parka. This kind of clothes made of seal fur or reindeer fur has very good waterproof, windproof and breathable properties. The parka was first brought into the public eye when it was introduced into Western society by Norwegian explorers in the 16th century. But what really made it popular was in World War II, the US military customized various styles of Parka for the military to withstand the harsh winters of the war. Even in the war between the United States and North Korea, because of the cold winter in North Korea at that time, the U.S. military all wore parka coats provided by the military.

Parka coats are generally composed of three parts. The first is a separate outer fabric. This shell can be worn as a separate windbreaker. The fabric is generally made of three-proof fabric, which is windproof, waterproof and not easy to crease. The second part is the inner liner of the parka coat. The material of the inner liner is mainly the fur of rex rabbit, raccoon dog, green root mink, mink, fox, wolf, and rabbit on the market. The third part is the fur collar of the parka coat. The fur collar is also the most eye-catching part of the parka coat. The furry materials are mostly fox, raccoon and mink hair.

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The inner liner of Parker coat is mostly animal fur, such as: raccoon fur, fox fur, rex rabbit fur, green mink, mink and so on. The inner liners made of different furs are also completely different in terms of warmth, fashion effect and price.

Some parka coats’ inner liners are made of rabbit fur. Rabbit fur is divided into: grass rabbit and rex rabbit. The fur of the Rex rabbit will be better. Rex rabbit fur is fine and thick, short and flat. The whole skin of Rex rabbit fur will not shed hair, but it will be very serious if it is spliced by broken skins. The inner liner made of Rex rabbit fur keeps warm and is also very light, cost-effective, and very beautiful after dyeing.

There are also some inner liners made of raccoon fur. Raccoon has thicker undercoat and more and long needle hair. The thicker the down hair, the denser and longer needle hair, the higher the price. When making the liner of parka coats, the price of parka coats with raccoon fur is lower than fox fur because of the fact that the feel of raccoon fur is not as good as fox fur. But in terms of warmth, because it is made of animal fur, it is also very good, and it is more cost-effective.

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