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Misunderstandings in the purchase of down jackets

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When it comes to clothes to keep warm in winter, down jackets are the first choice. Down jackets are tops filled with down stuffing and have a large and round appearance. Down jackets generally account for more than half of the duck down. At the same time, they can be mixed with some fine feathers. The duck down can be cleaned, sterilized by high temperature, and then filled into the clothes to become a down jacket. Generally, when people buy down jackets, there are some misunderstandings. Today we will talk about those misunderstandings when buying down jackets.

1. The higher the down jacket's down content, the better?

According to clothing production regulations, the amount of down in down jackets shall not be less than 50%. But people usually think that the higher the down jacket's down content, the warmer the clothes are. This is not a completely correct statement. First of all, the amount of down is compared to the same type of down jacket. The down amount of a long down jacket and a down vest is incomparable. In fact, the warmth-keeping effect of down jackets of the same type with 80% down content and 90% down content is not too obvious. In general, 70%-80% down jackets with down content have already met the requirements of most people.

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2. The thicker the down jacket, the warmer?

The amount of down filling refers to the total weight of all down filled down jackets, and it is related to the size, length and style of the clothes. But what needs to be reminded is that the more down and the heavier the clothes, the warmer the down jacket. Because as the packing density increases, the heat loss through the conduction of the packing also increases. Improving the bulkiness of the down filling is the key to improving the warmth retention. The same amount of down filling, the higher the bulkiness, the more insulating air the down contains, so the better the insulation performance. This is also the reason why some light down jackets on the market have good warmth retention. Some down jackets with a large amount of down are mixed with fluffy feathers, down yarns and crushed hairs. Even if the amount of down is the same, its bulkiness will decrease.

3. The softer the down jacket, the better?

In fact, it is normal for high-quality down to contain a certain amount of fine feathers. If it is particularly soft to the touch, you can't touch any of the stems. You should also purchase such products with caution. This is because some manufacturers smash the leftovers, fluffy cotton and feathers of down jackets and fill them in the clothes as down to deceive consumers. Not only does it fail to achieve good warmth retention, it may also fail to meet sanitation standards.

4. White duck down is warmer than gray duck down, and goose down is warmer than duck down?

The choice of white duck down and gray duck down for down jackets is determined according to the color of the fabric. Generally speaking, white duck down is used for lighter fabrics, and gray duck down is used as filler for darker colors. Some businesses claim that goose down filled into down jackets will be warmer than duck down. In fact, the warmth retention of goose down and duck down is almost the same.

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