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A Must-Have Men's Shirt in Autumn and Winter

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When the season is changing, the shirts in the closet are also changing seasons. The cotton and linen shirts worn in summer and the flannel shirts worn in autumn and winter create a completely different look and feel. In addition, the shirts worn at work every day can also be selected through other fabrics in winter to keep you warmer throughout the fall and winter.

1. Oxford cloth shirt

Oxford cloth is often used in casual shirts. The texture is thicker and heavier. It is not as formal as the diagonal woven shirt, but it is just as warm. Many brands of more casual button-collar shirts are made of Oxford cloth. It is recommended to wear it with more fitting pants and sneakers. Khaki trousers feel younger and have a semi-formal style with a sense of college style and yuppie. Of course, it can also be matched with dark jeans, which is gentle and elegant.

2. Twill shirt

The diagonal twill weave or the herringbone twill weave is dense and firm. This kind of fabric is slightly heavier than the shirts often worn in summer and is less airtight. It is very suitable for formal occasions such as work or meetings in autumn and winter. When wearing it, because the twill fabric itself has luster, in order not to make the whole work shape too dazzling, you can choose a relatively low-key outfit such as dark gray or dark blue jackets or trousers.

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3. Flannel shirt

Whenever you mention flannel shirts, do you involuntarily think of plaid? That's right! Because the plaid flannel shirt is the most common autumn and winter item of many brands, it can be said to be a classic of men's clothing. After the special bristles of the flannel are treated, the fluff on the surface makes the shirt feel soft and warm. Not only can it be worn alone, it is a good single product for adding colors and creating layers in autumn and winter. Flannel shirts can be worn with different effects whether they are paired with down vests, leather jackets and denim jackets.

4. Denim shirt

The most important clothing element for autumn and winter is denim. Different degrees of whitewashing and washing of denim are used to balance the boring feeling that the whole body is denim. Denim shirts are not limited to casual street styles. Office workers can match denim shirts with suit jackets and leather shoes, adding individual elements to the inconvenient work style, making the overall look more masculine.

5. Corduroy shirt

A strip of corduroy cloth looks retro or warm. As the most seasonal shirt, with a woolen hat or jeans, you can wear it with a youthful atmosphere in autumn and winter. But because the fabric is soft and thick, it is easy to look fat when worn. The color is particularly recommended to be dark blue or coffee. So the overall style will be a bit Japanese street style.

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