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Accessories to Match the Suit

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Even if you have a variety of suits, shirts and tie combinations in your closet, you will still feel like you are wearing the same clothes over and over again. This is the one who can't wear it! In fact, there are many ways to make your suit more distinctive without spending too much money: just use some fashionable accessories to modify your collocation.

1. Pocket towel

The pocket towel is a small square piece of fabric that is folded and inserted into the pocket on the chest of the suit jacket. The pocket towel is a simple and very practical accessory that is essential for men's formal suits. A pocket towel that has been carefully selected, washed, ironed, and folded, can highlight your taste and identity.

When we choose pocket towels, the big taboo is to pay attention to the color or pattern that matches our tie, not the same. In other words, we can choose the same color system, but not the same color and the same pattern. When choosing, don’t be afraid to choose a pocket towel with bold patterns, bright colors and multi-tone designs. Especially when your tie is very plain without too many patterns, the bolder the design, the more surprising the effect.

2. Watch

Wearing a simple and elegant watch will not only help shape your style, but also help people develop the habit of punctuality. Although everyone has a mobile phone, the biggest role of a watch is to complement the suit. Choose a high-quality watch as a match within the price range that everyone can afford. A watch with a simple design and versatile style is not all expensive.

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3. Tie clip

The tie clip used to be a very formal western accessory. But now, many people are pursuing uniquely designed tie clips to better match their ties and suits and create a better style for themselves. A uniquely designed tie clip can match most of our clothes well.

4. Colorful socks

If the suit you choose is a neutral style, congratulations, it means that when you chose it, you have already considered the issue of later dressing. In this case, you can choose to add some bright colors to your suit. For example, a pair of brightly colored socks can undoubtedly add a touch of color to your suit. Such a pair of socks will not attract people's attention too much and steal the limelight of the suit, but it will make your overall image more beautiful and add a welcome bright color to your clothing. However, don't pursue brightly colored accessories too much: if you already have a brightly colored tie and pocket towel in your outfit, then the color of your socks should be plain.

5. Metal necklace

A dignified suit and shirt, coupled with a necklace, will make your overall look more perfect. However, formal suits and thick and large gold necklaces are not suitable. The best match is to choose a simple metal necklace. This style is more formal.

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