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Basic Knowledge of Clothing Matching

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Do you want to stand out in every gathering of friends? Then don't miss this article. If you want to be the focus of everyone's attention, you must learn the basic clothing matching skills! In clothing matching, the most basic thing is to match clothing according to your own personality.

1. Gradually establish your own dress style and treat trends objectively

The dressing master who can impress us today, whether it is a designer or a celebrity, has only one reason for creating his own style. Even if a person does not have a set of aesthetic standards, he should have his own aesthetic taste. To do this, you cannot be influenced by the ever-changing trends. Instead, you should add the contemporary fashion elements to the aesthetic tone you admire, and blend them into your personal taste. A dress that incorporates personal temperament, self-cultivation, and style will reflect individuality, and individuality is the highest level of dressing.

2. Clothes should match your age and status

A western scholar believes that in the interaction between people, only 7% of others' perception of you is to pay attention to the content of your conversation. 38% are observing your expression and communication skills (such as attitude, tone, body language, etc.). But 55% is to judge whether your appearance is commensurate with your performance, that is, whether you look like the way you show it. Therefore, after entering the workplace, those lazy and casual student images or sweet styles must be actively avoided. As your age increases and your position changes, your dress should be commensurate with it. Remember, clothes is your first business card.

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3. Basic clothing is a must-have product

There is no end to the fashion of clothing, but some basic clothing is not popular, such as knee-length skirts, tweed wide-leg trousers, white shirts, etc. These clothes will not be out of date even for 10 years. These clothes not only look good, they also last for a long time, so they are definitely worth having. With a batch of such basic clothing, you only need to choose some popular clothing to match each year and season according to the fashion trend.

4. Buy clothes that match your body, skin color, and temperament

The exquisite windows of the specialty store and the elegant shop hall are carefully designed by professionals, the purpose of which is to create a special atmosphere and highlight the attractiveness of the clothing. However, those beautiful clothes worn on models or displayed on shelves may not be suitable for you. Don't lose yourself in the illusion created by the exquisite lighting and the lobbying of the shopping guide lady. In order to avoid being confused by the temporary shopping atmosphere, it is very important to understand yourself thoroughly. Only by understanding your body, temperament, skin tone, and knowing your suitable colors and styles will you not buy back the wrong clothes.

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