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Basic Shirts for Men

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Whether you wear it once a year or every day, shirts are shaping your personal style. The shirt is the cornerstone of the overall clothing style. The collar and cufflinks that are quietly exposed on the neck and cuffs all mark the owner's taste. So choosing a shirt that suits you is very important.

A basic shirt should meet the following 3 basic requirements.

1.The style is correct

Only the shirt is properly tailored to ensure that it can perfectly match the jacket. The style of the collar and sleeves of the shirt should be able to satisfy most occasions.

2. Comfortable fabric

Because it needs to be worn next to the body, the fabric determines the comfort level of the shirt. It is correct to choose the best quality fabrics that you can accept at the price. After all, you are responsible for your skin.

3. Appropriate color

The color of the shirt should be as similar to the colors of the people around you as possible. For example, try to choose white shirts when working in a bank.

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As a basic item, the following shirts are essential items in every man's wardrobe.

1. Dress Shirts

When wearing formal wear, the shirt must be worn inside. Such shirts that are generally worn with formal wear are called Dress Shirts. It is recommended that every man needs at least one basic style formal shirt, which is used to wear a formal suit so that you will not appear too sloppy when attending formal occasions.

2. Oxford Shirts

The concept of Oxford Shirts is often confused with Button Down in the collar. In fact, the two are not a dimensional concept. Oxford Shirts refers to a kind of shirt made of Oxford fabric specially developed by students of Oxford University in the United Kingdom in order to counter the flashy dress style. Button Down refers to the two buttons on the tip of the collar. It is a collar style invented by a B-head brand in the United States. Oxford Shirts has been designed for students since its inception, so the use scene is more focused on life and campus. Simply put it on, you will look youthful and compelling.

3. Denim shirt

Denim shirts are shirts made of denim. It is essentially the same as the Oxford shirt, but the fabric is different, and it is more unruly to wear, so it is not recommended to wear it on any slightly serious occasions. For example, at a party, you can wear a very characteristic Oxford shirt to express your personality, but wearing a denim shirt will be a bit rude. Of course it’s not that denim shirts are bad, but because denim shirts are a style of clothing, they are not very suitable for serious occasions. It is generally not recommended to wear denim clothes for both upper and lower body. Because the denim fabric is very heavy, if you wear denim clothes up and down, the visual weight of the upper body will be enlarged and the center of gravity will sink, which is not conducive to raising the waistline.

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