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Basic Style Coats for Women

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Basically every lady has a variety of coats in her wardrobe. Below we will introduce a few basic coats for ladies.

1. Suits

The first type is a formal suit. There are not as many styles as men's suits for women's suits. Just pay attention to the tailoring and color when choosing. Women's formal suits should not choose H-shaped tailoring styles, but should be tailored to highlight the waistline, and the size must also fit. Pay attention to two points when trying on. The first thing is that the buttons must not be wrinkled; The second point is whether the armpits and shoulders are comfortable to fit. It should not be difficult to raise your hands, nor should there be too much free space under the armpits, otherwise it will cause the entire garment to shrink upwards.


2. Boyfriend Blazer.

The second type of coat is Boyfriend Blazer. But when buying this kind of clothes, there are some buying principles that should not be forgotten: people with too large shoulders and big heads must choose the style with shoulder pads. Don't choose double-breasted for those who are a little fatter. The straight-up H-shape is only suitable for thin people. For many women, Boyfriend Blazer is the most versatile jacket ever, so don't limit it when matching. Regardless of whether you are taking the handsome route, the lady route, the leisure route, and the spice route, wearing this coat is not a violation of harmony. This coat is the most addictive of all coats, and the least likely to fail with matching. Even jeans and sneakers, with such a jacket will immediately make you look very fashionable.

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3. Leather jacket

There are hardly any girls who don't look good in motorcycle leather jackets. If you think the chiffon flower dress is tacky, cover a motorcycle leather jacket to become handsome. Or you think it is not good-looking if you wear harem pants, then putting on a motorcycle leather jacket, the spirit is different in an instant. Even a leather motorcycle jacket on a pleated skirt makes perfect sense. The most important thing is that motorcycle leather jackets will never go out of style, and it's okay to wear them for ten years without changing the style. It is best to choose a black high-waisted line when choosing, which is more versatile. In terms of texture, sheepskin is more skin-friendly, soft on the body, and has good lines, which will not feel hard, but at the same time it is easier to maintain a shape.

4. Mid-length trench coat

I believe that this style of jacket is not controversial, it is almost a must-have jacket for everyone. Short trench coats don't make much sense. There are many alternative coats such as suits that can be worn with similar effects. But the mid-length windbreaker is different. The aura and style it creates can't be replaced by other styles of clothes.

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