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Buying and Selecting Tips for Suits

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Suits are the uniform and popular formal suits all over the world, and how to buy suits is also a science. When buying a suit, consumers should pay attention to the following essentials.

1. When buying a suit, pay attention to the color and texture of the fabric.

The color should conform to the current trend of the times and the regional requirements of the region. The choice of materials is generally based on pure wool fabrics and wool blended fabrics. The texture of the fabric is fine, soft, smooth and very scratchy, and the warp and weft density is required to be higher.

2. The selected suits should highlight the comprehensive characteristics of lightness, softness, thinness and stiffness.

Light: The weight of the whole suit is relatively light.

Softness: The different parts of the whole suit are soft and smooth, with a certain degree of elasticity, and good recovery.

Thinness: The thinner suit is better, that is, the fabric is compatible with the lining and other auxiliary materials. The fabric count is higher, the thickness is reduced, and the lining weight is correspondingly reduced. Under the premise of not affecting the appearance of the suit, it needs to achieve a light feeling.

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3. Identify the sewing quality of each main part of the suit

Visually inspect whether the sewing line of each part of the garment is straight, whether the seams are flat, whether the sleeves are evenly eaten, whether the shape is smooth, whether the bag cover and the mouth of the bag are flat, and whether the bottom edge of the square hem is round and smooth. The main parts of the clothing generally refer to the leader, the placket, the sleeve cage and the front part of the clothing, which are the places that need to be paid attention to. Check whether the symmetrical parts of the garment are consistent. There are many symmetrical parts on the garment. You can close the left and right parts to check whether the symmetrical parts are accurate. For example, look at the symmetrical parts on the suit, including collar lapels, collar notches, plackets, left and right sleeves and the size of the cuffs. Pay attention to whether it is comfortable when trying on.

4. When trying on, wear a shirt inside.

Consumers should relax and stand naturally when trying on a suit, and pay attention to feeling whether there is a sense of pressure on their neck and shoulders. If there is an obvious feeling of heaviness in the neck and shoulders, it means that the dress is not suitable for your body shape. It is advisable to choose a suitable suit, which should have no obvious feeling of pressure and heaviness on the body, and should have a more relaxed feeling. When trying on a suit, you should pay more attention to the position of the sleeve cage. You can feel comfortable when moving your arms to prevent the sleeve cage from being too small and tight, and pay attention to whether the sleeve cage is flat and round before and after.

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