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Classification of Suits

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There are various types of suits. Today we will talk about the classification of suits.

1. Classification by version

(1)British version

The British version of the suit is generally single-breasted and has a large number of three buttons. Its basic outline is a waisted X-shaped, paying attention to three-dimensional shoulder lines and simple and neat cutting. Because Europeans themselves are tall and burly, this version can better highlight their figure, so men who are thinner and thinner are not recommended to choose this type of suit.

(2)Italian version

The most notable sign of the Italian version of the men's suit is the "boat chest pocket". Its basic outline is an inverted trapezoid, but the shoulder line will be narrower, the hem will be lengthened and narrowed, and the pockets adopt the same welt technology as the tuxedo, which reflects its sense of elegance. Among them, the "overlapping button (also called kissing button)" of the cuff is one of their characteristics. Italy, like France, is a romantic city. Wearing this type of suit, even if you have a belly, it will be well decorated.

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(3)American version

The basic contour feature of the American version of the suit is O-shape. It is loose and fat, suitable for casual occasions. Therefore, American suits are mostly single-piece suits, which are generally casual styles. Comfortable and casual is the characteristic of Americans. Because most Americans like high-calorie diets, the obesity index is also high, and compared with Asians, the skeleton is larger. Such suits are not very suitable for the body of many Asian men.

(4)Japanese version

The basic silhouette of a Japanese suit is H-shaped. Since they are both Asians, this is the most suitable version of a suit for Asians. Generally, Japanese-style suits are single-mouthed, and the back of the suit does not split. It can be worn in some fashionable and casual exhibitions or fashion shows and other artistic occasions.

2. Classification by wearing occasion

According to the occasion, suits can be divided into dresses and work clothes. Dresses can be divided into regular dresses, small dresses, and tuxedos. The dress requires that the fabric must be wool, pure black, and the lower body must be equipped with black leather shoes, black socks, white shirt, and black bow tie. People generally wear work clothes. Work clothes are generally dark-colored and woolen (more than 70% wool), and the upper and lower body must be the same color, the same material, and good workmanship.

3. Classified by the number of suits

Divided by the number of suits, there are one-piece suits, two-piece suits and three-piece suits. The suits worn by business men in formal business contacts must be suits. When participating in high-level business activities, it is better to wear a three-piece suit. Casual wear, a one-piece suit, that is, a suit jacket that does not match the pants, and is only suitable for informal occasions.

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