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Cleaning and Maintenance of Suits

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A good suit refers to a suit made with good fabrics and high craftsmanship, and its version and various parts are very delicate. In order not to damage the shape of the suit itself, it cannot be washed by water. A good fabric refers to a good quality wool or cashmere fabric. Everyone can imagine how the sheep will look after being drenched in the rain. The wool will stick together, which will affect the smoothness of the dry wool.

Cleaning: The cleaning of suits is very particular. 

The first is that it should not be cleaned frequently. At the same time, suits must be dry cleaned when they are needed. The washing period of clothes is best to be washed once every 3-4 months, the effect is better, and the fabric is not damaged. It is not too good if the clothes are cleaned frequently. If the clothes are worn for a short time and there is not a lot of dust on the surface, after washing the dust, use damp and light iron. The dust will adhere to the towel with the washing. A suit should not be worn continuously for too long. After the suit is worn, it will be deformed by local forces. After a period of time, you should take out the items in your pocket to restore the fabric to its original shape. When storing in the closet, put the insecticide in the pocket, put on a cover bag, and have frequent ventilation. At the same time, it should be placed in a place with a low temperature, and the relative humidity is generally 35-40 degrees.

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As a more expensive formal wear, suits require careful maintenance. Suits that are not properly maintained can easily become deformed and lose their proper wearing effect. The more expensive suits, especially customized suits, require more maintenance.

Suits should be hung and preserved

The suit must be hung for preservation. The suit itself is very heavy. Suits placed flat can easily deform due to weight. Especially suits that are stored for a long time must be hung up, especially for customized suits.

Suit pocket

When the suit is hung, take out the things in the suit pocket, especially heavy objects. Long-term weight can easily deform the suit. When wearing a suit, please try not to put things in your pockets as much as possible.

Storage of suits

The storage of suits is not over after hanging up. If you have time, it is best to brush your suit every day. When brushing, you must go from top to bottom, because this is not only to remove dust, but also to comb and stretch the fibers so that they can rest. The most ideal way is to gently wipe the suit with a wet towel, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry, so that the next day, when you wear it again, it will be clean and almost new.

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