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Color Matching Of Autumn Clothes Part Two

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There are many choices for the color matching of autumn clothing. Today we will talk about other color matching besides the color matching mentioned last time.

1. White and blue

The autumn feels gentle, so we can also choose to wear some more elegant and soft colors. or example, the combination of white and blue is also a very good choice. Blue feels clean and very quiet, and it blends with white, which can make the whole outfit look particularly fresh and good. No matter how you match white clothes with blue clothes, it will not feel ugly, but on the contrary, it will make people feel very pleasing to the eye. For example, you can choose to wear a blue top and pair it with white high-waist trousers, it will feel very delicate and beautiful. You can also wear a white shirt with blue trousers, which is simply beautiful.

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2. White and green

The combination of white and green will make you feel a kind of vitality everywhere. If the soft white meets the elegant green, it will really feel very accent. The combination of white clothing and green clothing can make people feel full of vitality. Even in the autumn, when the white and green clothes are matched together, they will feel special and beautiful. Wearing a green windbreaker on the upper body, and then matching a white dress inside, will make people feel bright. Of course, you can also wear a green shirt with white trousers, which is also very lively and pretty.

3. White and purple

Have you ever found out that when white clothes and purple clothes are paired together, it gives people a feeling of a particularly romantic sentiment? And there is a very dreamy feeling. Purple really makes people feel very mysterious, and it is also particularly gorgeous, always giving people a very noble feeling. For white and purple, it is suitable for women with whiter skin. You can wear a white sweater on your upper body, and then match a purple skirt on your lower body. This collocation is actually breathtaking and has a special sense of beauty. Of course, you can also choose to wear a lavender top with white pants, which is particularly sweet and gentle.

There are actually many kinds of color matching for autumn clothes. Today we mainly talked about the matching of white and other colors. The ability to match white with other colors well can make it look special and fashionable. As far as white is concerned, it is indeed a color that matches well, and it doesn't get bored at all. Of course, in addition to white, there are many other good-looking colors. You can also try to match them to find the best-looking and most suitable color for you.

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