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Dressing Etiquette of Suit

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A suit is a kind of clothing we often wear. Wearing a suit should follow the following etiquette principles.

1. The top and bottom of the suit should be the same color. In terms of matching, two of the suits, shirts, and ties should be plain.

2. Leather shoes must be worn to wear suits. Casual shoes, cloth shoes and travel shoes are not suitable.

3. The color of the shirt with the suit should be coordinated with the color of the suit, not the same color. White shirts and suits of various colors work well. Men should not wear brightly colored plaid or floral shirts on formal occasions. Shirt cuffs should grow 1 to 2 cm from suit cuffs. Wearing a suit must wear a tie in formal and solemn occasions, and it is not necessary to wear a tie in other occasions. The shirt collar button must be fastened when wearing a tie, and the shirt collar button must be unbuttoned when the tie is not worn.

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4. Suit buttons are divided into single row and double row. The buttoning method is exquisite: double-breasted suits should be buttoned well. Single-breasted suit: Don't button up the last button.

5. Don't put too many things in the top pocket and trouser pocket of the suit. Don't wear too much suit or underwear. Only one shirt is best in spring and autumn. Do not wear a cotton sweater under the shirt in winter, but a woolen sweater can be worn on the outside of the shirt. Wearing too bloated will destroy the overall beauty of the suit.

6. The color and pattern of the tie should be coordinated with the suit. When tying a tie, the length of the tie should be such that it touches the belt buckle. The tie clip is worn between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt.

7. The trademark brand on the cuffs of the suit should be removed, otherwise it does not conform to the suit dressing standard, and the elegant occasions will make people laugh generous.

8. Pay attention to the maintenance of suits. The way that suits are maintained and stored has a great influence on the shape and wearing life of suits. High-end suits should be hung in a ventilated place and often aired to prevent insects and moisture. If the suit has wrinkles, it can be hung in the bathroom after the bath, and the wrinkles can be spread by steam, and then hung in a ventilated place.

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