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Dressing Rules for Women Over 25 Years Old

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Before the age of 25, you may be able to wear whatever you want. But when you want to achieve better results in the workplace, and want to work hard to get more in a world, the ability to dress is more important. Let's talk about how to dress and match.

1. The number of clothes is not important, buy the best clothes you can afford

When choosing clothes, you should take the dressing rule of "1 new item with good texture × wardrobe inventory = 10 styles". Don't buy a lot of cheap and popular items, they have no texture at all.

2. If you want to wear the print clothes, choose the popular pattern of the season

Passing through the season pattern is easy to make you look old and rustic, so never choose such patterns. Or you can choose the timeless and classic dot or stripe pattern. Don't buy clothes with large-scale brand logos, remember that we are not a mobile advertising box.

3. Keep your white shirt clean

Almost everyone has a white shirt. The white shirt will always look young and immortal, and its potential for mixing and matching is really limitless. There is a kind of extraordinary decent and fashionable with any single product. It is very worthwhile for you to store a few more white shirts of different fabrics for easy matching. But be sure to wash in time every time you wear it, otherwise it will be difficult to deal with the yellow collar.

4. Don't wear shorts in formal occasions

Shorts are prone to not being dignified even if you are equipped with stockings and high heels, so please abandon this fashion at work, and choose a decent style to better match your work attitude.


5. Tailoring fit is more important than fashion

Learn to buy well-cut clothes that fit your body shape, unless that style is the oversize profile that is popular this year. Otherwise, unsuitable clothes will make you look old-fashioned and lose your sense of luxury.

6. Know what kind of dress suits you

Or you don't necessarily need a dress for so many occasions, but you must know what suits you. Otherwise, when such an important occasion comes suddenly and you wear a hurriedly rented but inappropriate dress, you will regret it. If conditions permit you to encounter a delicate and classic dress, please buy it in advance.

7. Details reflect your taste

Good-looking accessories can add points to your overall dress, and good-quality accessories can not only reflect your dressing taste, and give you extra points for dressing.

8. A pair of exquisite design high heels

When you don't know what to wear to go out, any simple dress with exquisite design high heels will immediately add a lot of points to your personal fashion temperament.

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