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Essentials of Dressing for Social Occasions

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Different occasions have different requirements for clothing. This is the so-called internationally popular dress, that is, you should pay attention to the time, place and situation when dressing. When you decide to wear a certain piece of clothing, you must consider when you are wearing it, what occasion you are going to, and who you will meet with, etc. Carefully consider these conditions, and your clothes will be dressed properly. Social clothing includes clothing for more formal meetings, parties, banquets, dances, and evening parties, as well as formal clothing and dresses for weddings and funerals. It is generally sufficient to wear work clothes when attending meetings or banquets. For more formal occasions, the fabrics and workmanship of clothing should be more sophisticated, such as all wool or silk fabrics. The clothing is mainly suits, suit skirts, cheongsam skirts, and dresses. The colors should be generous and elegant, without being too gorgeous and luxurious. Now let's introduce the dressing skills for social occasions.

1. Clothing should be suitable for the environment of the occasion you will participate in.

Whether in hotels, beaches, dance halls, etc., your clothing must be in harmony with the surrounding environment. Otherwise, you will appear out of place and ridiculous in the corresponding environment, for example, professional attire cannot be worn to the prom.


2. Clothing should conform to the principle of time.

The time principle here not only includes the difference in seasons, but also don't neglect that your clothes should be adapted to your age. The clothes are mature and sexy, or pure and graceful. But don't go to social activities in an old-fashioned dress at a young age, otherwise you will be embarrassed to be laughed at.

3. The principle of suiting your circle

The friends in your social circle are all young and energetic, so you must not be unusual and dress too out of place. Or over time, it is easy to be unconsciously formed a sense of rejection, and will be rejected by the circle of friends.

4. Don't wear worn-out or outdated clothes.

Those cheap and shabby clothes make you look like a loser. Don't think that others will see your inner beauty. When others see your appearance unpleasantly, they will not have the patience to discover your inner beauty. If you dress well, others will naturally look at you with admiration.


5. Don't use too many small ornaments to decorate. 

Some trinkets are unsuitable decorations, which are too childish while some trinkets are particularly dazzling and fancy, making them too tacky.

6. Pay attention to the matching of clothing and the wearing of jewelry. 

Don't wear expensive clothes and cheap clothes at the same time. This kind of match gives people a sense of inferior quality as a whole. Because cheap things are always prominent and eye-catching, others can see it at a glance.

7. Don't dress too casually.

In social situations, dressing up too casually will reduce one's identity and appear to lack respect for others. Don't think that this will make you better integrate with the public. In fact, things are always counterproductive, and others will look down upon you!

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