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Features of High-End Suits

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Suits are essential clothes for many men. So what are the characteristics of a top suit, let's take a look.

1. Top suits must fit well. Whether a suit fits should be judged from the following aspects.

(1)From the front, the suit does not feel loose from top to bottom, and at the same time, it cannot be too tight to cause pulling wrinkles. The problems exposed by oversized suits are: 1. The suit does not have a waist and is tube-shaped; 2. The sleeves are too long and cover the cuffs of the shirt. The problems that are reflected in a suit that is too small are: 1. After the suit is buttoned up, there is a pulling sensation on the chest, which becomes obvious radial folds; 2. The sleeves are too short and the shirt cuffs are exposed too much.

(2)Viewed from the back, the suit can perfectly outline the curve of the back, while standing up straight without wrinkles. Oversized suits will have obvious extra space on the back. A suit that is too small will have obvious horizontal folds on the back, and you will feel tight in your upper body.

(3)Viewed from the side, the sleeves of the suit should be as thin as possible and conform to the natural curvature of the arm. When the arms are drooping naturally, the sleeves of the suit must not be wrinkled, and when the hands are drooping naturally, the shirt is just about one centimeter away. Oversized suits will cause: 1. Sleeves are piled up at the elbows to form folds; 2. Sleeves are too long and cover the cuffs of the shirt. Suits that are too small: the sleeves are tight on the arms, and the armholes are obviously pulled, showing radial folds.

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2. Pay attention to details. To judge whether a suit is a top one, the details are also very important.

(1)Striped suits are more difficult to make than solid color suits, and checkered suits are more difficult to make than striped suits. Because a good suit is in the pockets, sleeves and shoulder seams, all places must be aligned. It fully reflects the brand's requirements for quality.

(2)The collar is handled well. The collar of the suit must be turned over naturally by the curvature of the lining instead of being burnt to death. This will look natural and elegant.

(3)Button material. The buttons of a good suit must be polished with animal keratin (a few high-end suits also use shell buttons or metal buttons because of design needs) and will never use plastic buttons. There is a big difference in price between these two kinds of buttons. The distinguishing method is also very simple. Because horny buttons are natural materials, each button is different.

(4) Cuffs. The buttons on the cuffs of a good suit must be real buttons and can be opened. Such sleeves can be rolled up when necessary. The buttons of low-end suits are set on the sleeves for decoration.

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