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Four Misunderstandings About Dressing

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Everyone hopes that their outfits can be very fashionable. Today we will introduce to you four misunderstandings in dressing. 

1. Be too cautious when dressing

In the past two years, tight-fitting short-sleeved shirts are very popular, and paired with a pair of long wide-leg pants, it is simply too good-looking. But no matter what you wear, you should follow a basic principle, that is, there is a degree of tightness and proper exposure of the skin. In fact, in today's diversified fashion culture, it is necessary to show some body curves appropriately to perfectly present the femininity. Especially for women who are thin or skinny, choose matching items boldly. Although you don't need to be too ostentatious, you should also reflect the layering of the outfit. Especially in summer, we often say that we should pay attention to breathing in summer. For example, when matching a short shirt, a small piece of skin on the waist is properly exposed, which is very charming. In the choice of tops, don't just be limited to ordinary round necks. In the choice of tops, don't just be limited to ordinary round necks. Lively and romantic v-neck clothes can boldly show women's neck curves and add femininity. As for the choice of bottoms, if you are accustomed to seeing plain skirts, you might as well try some split skirts.

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2. The selection is only for popularity

In the past two years, in the summer, many girls always like to go to extremes when choosing clothes. Some girls like items that are too tight, and some girls like lazy French styles, so they choose some large t-shirts that are too loose. But because of their size, they can't wear them with a fashionable effect. In fact, in summer, when choosing tops, it is not advisable to be too tight or too loose. Fitting the body is the most important thing. Only by ensuring the fit of the top can we maximize the advantages of our figure. Whether it is tops or bottoms, you need to choose according to your body shape. Observe your body carefully in the full-length mirror before choosing clothing. Only by knowing the pros and cons of the figure can you choose a suitable outfit to make the overall match more textured.

3. There is no sense of layering in wear

Many girls with a relatively flat body always wear a tight or loose outfit. This kind of non-layered outfit cannot highlight the femininity. If you want to improve your own temperament, you must pay attention to the level of the single product and the level of color matching when you wear it.

4. Ignore the small details of collocation

In addition to knowing the basic matching skills, you also need to pay attention to some small details in the overall outfit. In order to make the overall outfit more refined, you can use ornaments as embellishments. For example, exquisite watches, necklaces, earrings, shoulder bags, etc. are all good choices.

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