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How Do Men Look More Mature by Dressing

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To become mature and stable, in addition to inner growth, external appearance is also very important. Today, let's take a look at how men can dress up to be more mature and stable. When it comes to steady collocation, in addition to formal wear, the style of clothes should not be too fancy, and the simple design should be the main one. The color of the clothes should not be too gorgeous, the saturation should not be too high, light and elegant is better. Such as gray, black, white, light blue, dark blue and other low-saturation colors. Of course, the darker the color, the more low-key and calm the overall match, such as a black match. In addition, other dark colors can also be matched with a calm effect, but this mainly depends on how to match.

1. Leather jacket, bottoming shirt, small-footed jeans and small white shoes

To match with a sense of stability, the large-area color of the overall match should not be too bright and dazzling. You can choose clothes with dark tones and blacks. The choice of clothes styles should be relatively simple, without messy and fancy extra design elements, with simple, calm and stylish. In order to avoid the boring black-based collocation, you can use bright-toned items to brighten the collocation. For example, you can choose white inner wear and small white shoes to brighten up the match, which can break the dull feeling, and will not overwhelm the guests, and the overall match does not appear messy.

2. Round neck printed hoodie, blue straight-leg jeans and canvas shoes

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Hoodies can also be matched with a calm effect, here you can use black as the background color of the round neck printed sweater to match. Black as the background color will naturally look quieter and low-key, and people will look a lot more stable. With the help of the small print on the chest as an embellishment, the collocation will not be too single. The trousers can choose the straight-leg jeans style of pure blue, which can brighten the match, and at the same time it is very refreshing and quiet, and can highlight the calm side.

3. Striped shirt, casual pants and white shoes

When it comes to calm collocation, how can you miss a shirt? The matching of a dark blue striped shirt is calm and steady without being monotonous. The striped design makes the matching style also attractive, and the pants are black slacks with small feet. The color matching of this kind of clothing is also dark and deep, but it is simple and low-key with a mature taste. With white shoes, you can reduce your age without losing stability.

To match the feeling of maturity and stability, in addition to formal wear, when choosing other clothing items, try to focus on simple styles and dark colors. Although this collocation rule is not absolute, it is the most secure. And don't have too many individual design elements on the clothes, such as some cartoon prints or broken holes. This kind of collocation will be too personal, and the overall collocation will have a sense of stability.

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