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How to Dress In Autumn and Winter for Short Girls

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In autumn and winter, you must wear warmth and fashion. Today we will take a look at the outfits that are suitable for short girls in autumn and winter.

1. Letter hoodie with wide-leg jeans

Nowadays, hoodies are becoming more and more popular. A casual hoodie is very attractive. It has a loose version and can easily cover up the fat. It will make you look very thin and young while wearing it! And the lower body is paired with wide-leg jeans, while shaping the legs, it is also keeps you warm and makes you look very tall.

2. Baseball uniform short jacket with ripped black pants

As soon as fall, baseball uniforms and jackets began to appear in the streets and alleys. So if you want to be eye-catching, you need a unique personality. A pink baseball uniform, full of girlish hearts, big lapel, more atmospheric and beautiful. The short style and the loose version do not have high requirements on the figure, anyone can wear it. With the little black pants with holes, it looks even thinner.

3. Workwear trench coat with dress

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The workwear version of the trench coat not only continues the classic British style, but also adds a gender-ambiguous cool element to the tough and stylish, emphasizing the low-key coexistence of practicality and fashion. Wearing an appropriately tailored workwear jacket in autumn and winter will not only make you a cool girl, but also wear your own free style through different collocations. How to wear it if you want to look gentle? Wearing a dress inside will have a sweet style, and then pick a bag at will, the whole outfit will be beautiful enough!

4. High-necked bottoming shirt with plaid strap skirt

I don't know when all kinds of suspender skirts have become popular. As a basic clothing, how can you not have it? Straight skirts are simply benefit for short girls. They are super nice and will make you look tall, and the lattice element design is very retro and fashionable. In the fall, you can wear a high-necked bottoming shirt, which can best demonstrate your fashion attitude and sense of quality, and it is also very warm.

5. Red velvet short jacket with chiffon straight-leg pants

Speaking of the most popular elements in autumn and winter, velvet must be indispensable. Unlike many popular and rapidly outdated styles, velvet texture jackets are very popular among fashionistas. For example, this red short coat is very versatile to wear casually. With a polka dot chiffon shirt inside, it also has an elegant temperament, which looks advanced and luxurious. The lower body is matched with chiffon straight-leg pants, and then the chiffon shirt is stuffed into the pants to create a high waist line, which can make the short people easily appear tall.

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