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How to Dress Not Tacky For Women

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Regarding women's dressing and matching, the first thing to consider is the figure. If you have a good proportion of the figure is of course the best, because in this way the limitations of height will be greatly reduced. However, if the height is not enough, it is necessary to create a good proportion of visual effects through external wear.

First of all, for short girls, it's not that short girls can't wear their own style. However, in terms of dressing and matching, if you want to wear a low-key and good feeling, you must follow the principle of less is more (this principle also applies to everyone's daily dress). As ordinary people, everyone is not a public figure who attends fashion week every day, and there is no need to pile on oneself. Since you think there is no advantage in height, you have to make up for it elsewhere. First of all, you really need to maintain a slim figure, otherwise you will be easier to lower the center of gravity of your body than ordinary people. If you are a girl who is born to be very thin, it is also recommended to gain muscle through fitness, which will not only make your own lines look slenderer, but also better hold up clothes.


So let's talk about how to choose the right match for each part of the body.

1. If your neck is not particularly slender, try to avoid choosing clothes that cover your neck when you wear clothes.

2. If your shoulders are a bit collapsed, you can choose a jacket with shoulder pads, but a long jacket will also lower the center of gravity.

3. If you are a girl with big breasts, if you don't want to highlight the breasts, you can avoid bright colored tops. If your breasts are small and you want them to look bigger, you can improve them by using chest stickers. Of course, small breasts are very suitable for matching clothes.

4. For girls with thick waists, you should not choose a shirt that is too loose or tight. If your waist is flat, you can strengthen muscle lines and create a three-dimensional feeling through fitness.

5. If you have big hips, you can wear appropriate high-waisted pants or skirts. Note that this is talking about "appropriate high waist", not for you to wander around in double-breasted and three-breasted pants. It must be appropriate, otherwise your shortcomings will be exposed.

6. For girls with thick legs, the most direct way is to exercise, but you should also pay attention when wearing them. If your legs are too thin, don't wear high heels, as this will cause an imbalance. Finally, no matter how long or short the legs are, don't let the trousers pile up at the ankles.

Finally, for short girls, a pair of high heels is also a must, but also pay attention to choosing the right height and style that suits you, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

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