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How to Match a Parka

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Parka is a kind of clothing that many people may have. Parka coat is the most common heavyweight fashion item on the streets in winter. Its style is tough, the upper body is full of aura, and it is fully dressed in neutral style, and it is full of handsome and casual sense. Today we will talk about how to match Parka coats.

1. Match with hoodies

Hoodies are relatively casual. You can match the hoodies with a military-green parka at will. It is also a fashionable and simple match. I personally like to match a military green parka with a brown color hoodie. Of course, you can also match with other colors, mainly depending on your own preferences.

clothes_0020_parka (3)

2. Match it with a brown sweater

Brown is a very elegant and gentle color. The brown sweater is matched with the army green parka. They are two deep colors. When they are combined, the whole set is very advanced and charming.

3. Match sweater dress

Parker coat itself is warmer, we can match some light material dresses, we can also match sweater dresses, of course it is warmer. In winter, I still recommend wearing it with socks or high boots.

4. Match with white sweater and white pants

The army green parka is matched with a white sweater, which is a relatively fresh match. Pair it with white trousers, and the upper and lower outfits are the same color, which can play a role in showing height and thinness, and at the same time it can increase your aura.

5. Match with a gray sweater

Gray is a more elegant, confident, and calm color. When paired with a military green parka, it will look very fresh and reduce age.

6. Match with jeans

A short army green parka with a white T-shirt, jeans, and a pair of short boots are very fashionable and playful. With a dark gray sweater and jeans, it is relatively more handsome and stylish.

clothes_0021_parka (2)

7. Match with boots

Parker coat is relatively warm, and it can be matched with some light and thin items inside, plus a pair of boots, which can keep warm and fashionable. Of course, you can add a hat or other accessories to make it more fashionable.

8. Match with slim pants

A parka coat with a short lapel is paired with slim pants, plus a pair of black short boots, which is very fresh and age-reducing. You can match it with a black sweater, black trousers, and a black bag. It is a very simple and practical collocation.


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