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How to Match a White Shirt With Pants

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The white shirt is a must-have item for men's daily wear. Whether it is worn alone or as a base, it is very handsome. So what trousers do men's white shirts go with? Here are a few trousers that are suitable for men's white shirts. I hope it will help you who are also focused on matching.

1. Men's white shirt with black trousers

Of course, our most traditional and formal white shirts for men are usually paired with black trousers. Such a match will show more masculine elegance and high-end temperament, so many people are reluctant to change other pants as a match object.

2. Men's white shirt with light-colored jeans

A pure white shirt for men is paired with today's most fashionable classic light-colored jeans, which can subtly show the taste and style of men. This combination is very domineering.

3. Men's white shirt with black casual pants

The white men's shirt itself is very masculine and elegant, and with a pair of black slacks, the highlight of this summer will come. This combination is very dazzling and charming.

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4. Men's white shirt with light blue shorts

A very Korean style slim white shirt for men, paired with light blue shorts that are very casual and fashionable. Such a combination will make you no longer hot in this summer.

5. Men's white shirt with brown harem pants

A bohemian man can borrow a simple white shirt with a stylish brown harem pants to perfectly show the chic under his shirt.

6. Men's white shirt with gray straight-leg pants

Everyone loves loose-fitting slacks. The straight-leg trousers are handsome and neat, and match them with more style and temperament. The white shirt is paired with gray straight-leg pants and small white shoes, fresh and simple, gentle and elegant.

Regarding the matching of men's white shirts, generally speaking, as a formal wear, it is definitely the best match with a suit. Indeed, for a white shirt as a formal dress, a fitted suit is the best choice of outerwear. Shoulder pads in a suit can improve the shoulder curve, and the chest lining on the chest can give you a strong visual effect. Basically, at this time, the shirt only serves as an embellishment as an inner lining. If you match it with a tie, it will be a very formal way to wear it. Of course, if it is not a particularly formal occasion, it is also very good to wear a casual jacket when you don't wear a tie.

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