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How to Wash Parka Coat

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What is the essential equipment for a girl's wardrobe in winter? That is of course the most popular hot style in recent years-Parka. Parka coats are basically composed of fur liner and fur on the edge of the hat, which is very cold and warm. The key is still very fashionable, I believe many people have already started one or more. The parka originated from the traditional clothing of the Eskimos. In order to withstand the cold climate, the Eskimos invented a hooded leather jacket made of animal fur. There will also be a circle of animal hair on the edge of the hat to protect the temperature of the face. This kind of clothing is not only resistant to wind and snow, but also extremely warm, making it easy for Eskimos to hunt and work outdoors.

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If the fur collar of the parka is wet by rain or frost, wipe it with a dry towel first. Soak up the water first, then hang it in a cool and ventilated place, and let it dry naturally. Don't dry it for baking or explode in the sun. After the fur collar is dry, gently rub the leather board to prevent the fur collar from collapsing or clumping. The fur collar cannot be soaked in warm water, because the fur of the fur collar has left the animal itself and is no longer active. Once a large area is immersed in water, the cortex will shrink, causing the fur collar to shrink. This will look like a dog's tail, which is particularly ugly and cannot be recovered. If the parka has no obvious stains, the new parka does not need to be washed. You can wrap it with breathable items and store it in a ventilated and dry closet. Be careful not to put it under heavy pressure.

If it is a corduroy parka, you can wash it with water, but it is not advisable to scrub with a washboard, let alone scrub with a hard bristle brush. If there are oil stains on the parka, soak it in laundry detergent for 5-10 minutes, and then gently rub it with your hands. After washing, do not wring out forcefully, but forcefully squeeze out the water from the clothes. This will not damage the fluff, thereby creating creases or affecting gloss.

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When cleaning the parka coat, you can first prepare a clothing packaging bag, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt in the packaging bag, and then put the pike liner into the packaging bag and shake it vigorously several times. It's best to shake it with two people, so that the inner tank of the pie will be cleaned more cleanly. After shaking, you will find that the salt in the packaging bag turns black. This is because the salt generates static electricity through friction with the clothes, and the dust and impurities on the clothes are sucked away, so the clothes will become clean again. You can repeat this step several times, then take out the pie to overcome the liner and shake it twice, and use a special brush to clean the salt on the liner. Finally, hang it in a cool and ventilated place to dry for a while before it can be sealed up.

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