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How to Wear a Shirt Without a Tie

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Although it is handsome to wear a suit and tie, many people do not like to wear a tie for comfort. There is nothing wrong with not wearing a tie for comfort, but most people don't notice. Without the constraints of a tie, the shirt will easily fall apart and look sloppy. So how can you maintain the stiff gentleman style of the shirt at any time without wearing a tie? There are two basic principles: the neckline of the shirt should be firm, and the details and accessories should be good.

1. The collar of the shirt is the key

When not wearing a tie, the collar of the shirt is your second face. Since the collar of the shirt is closest to the face, it is easy to be noticed. If the tie is not worn, any mistake on the collar will be exposed. What kind of shirt collar can be worn without a tie? We analyze it from two aspects: collar type and craftsmanship.

Let's talk about the collar type first, not all shirt collar types can be without a tie. For example, some casual style shirts, such as stand-up collar and small square collar, are very suitable for not wearing a tie. And some shirts for formal occasions, such as long pointed collar, wide spread collar, pin collar, wing collar shirt, must wear a tie or bow tie, otherwise it will appear disrespectful to the occasion. If you are not sure, then choose the standard collar, which is a universal collar, with or without a tie, formal and casual all are okay.

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Ordinary shirts are worn more often, and the collars are easily deformed. Without the support of the tie, they will run off the track completely, making them feel cheap. This is because the inner lining in the collar of ordinary shirts is not strong, and a good inner lining will still be strong even if it is launched a hundred times. Really excellent fabrics, even with soft flannel can still be full of power. Lining alone is not enough. If you wash too much, the tip of the collar is easy to buckle. At this time, a shirt with excellent workmanship will have live inserts or buttons at the tip of the collar. With internal support, the collar is more resistant to deformation.

2. The details of the shirt

It’s not enough to get a shirt collar. If you don’t notice the following details, you still make a mistake. Not wearing a tie means casual and casual. Generally, you can unfasten a button on your shirt to ensure the overall style is harmonious and will not give you the illusion of forgetting to wear a tie. You can also untie 2 buttons to make it look more casual. But no more than two buttons at any time.

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