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How to choose a down jacket?

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When it comes to clothes to keep warm in winter, down jackets are the first choice. Down jackets are tops filled with down stuffing and have a large and round appearance. Down jackets generally account for more than half of the duck down jackets. At the same time, they can be mixed with some fine feathers. But many people don't know how to buy a good down jacket. Today we will talk about how to choose a down jacket.

1. Smell the down jacket. 

If you find a pungent or peculiar smell, don't buy it directly. Someone once explained that the reason goose down is more expensive than duck down is that goose down is tasteless, while duck down has a smell. But in fact, duck down and goose down are processed in the same way. Flavored down (whether it is goose down or duck down) are substandard products and must not be bought.

2. Check whether the basic information indicated on the down jacket is complete. 

The information is mainly about the amount of velvet, the amount of velvet, the type of velvet and the basic information of the manufacturer, but generally does not contain the information on the bulkiness. You can directly consult the shopping guide on this.

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3. Carefully touch the inner layer of the down jacket. 

If you feel thorns, it means that the content of feathers in this garment is high, and the quality should not be very good. If you don't feel pierced or stabbed, it means that this piece of clothing has relatively high velvet content and better warmth retention.

4. When you have initially determined which down jackets you want to buy, then you can put together the few down jackets you like. 

Then use the same force to hold down the surface of the clothes. The faster the rebound time, the better the quality of the down jacket (indicating that the down jacket has a higher bulkiness). For down jackets with the same amount of down, the larger the volume (that is, the fluffier the down jacket), the better the quality.

5. Finally, pat the down jacket hard. 

If there is fluff or dust, it means that the fabric of this down jacket is poorly resistant or the stitches are too big. Such a down jacket will be thinner and thinner through the down jacket, and the waterproof and breathability will not be too good. For this kind of down jacket, it is not recommended to buy it.

The best time to buy down jackets is in the spring and summer clothing discount period. As people's demand for anti-season clothing decreases in the spring and summer, dealers eager to deal with anti-season clothing will also discount the clothing. Usually off-season clothing will be hit with a discount of 50% or less. Buying down jackets in spring and summer allows you to easily purchase higher-grade and better quality winter cold-proof goods within your budget.

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