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Introduction of Shirts

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Suits and shirts originated in Europe, and the buttons used in shirts were inspired by the interspersed cufflinks of French shirts. Therefore, the styles of formal shirts are basically based on French shirts, but depending on the matching dress or formal wear, the collar and front may adopt different styles from the traditional French style. The fabric of the shirt is mainly made of natural materials such as pure cotton and silk. The shirt is tailored to fit the body, and the collar and cuffs are lined with interlining to maintain a crisp effect. This is the same function as the dress and suit, emphasizing the modified body lines. The shirts used for dresses are generally only white, while the daily dress shirts are mostly white or light colors. American shirts are influenced by the popularity of American civilian culture. They are loose in style and do not pay attention to tailoring. Buttons are often used to fix the collar tip. They are neither beautiful nor elegant, so they are more suitable for home shirts.

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Casual shirts are used to match suit jackets. There are no rules for the use of fabrics. The style is unchanged or slightly changed on the traditional basis, and the colors and patterns are extremely free. Whether to wear a tie when wearing a casual shirt with a suit depends entirely on your preferences and matching effect. In addition, as a special rule, dark and shiny casual shirt fabrics are favored by entertainers, and are often used by actors and designers to match suits for formal occasions. If this dark shirt is well tailored and matched with a suit, it can maintain a gentleman's style and look relaxed and handsome. It has gradually become a way of evening casual wear for some young upstarts who pay attention to taste.

As the name suggests, home shirts are worn at home, so the styles are mostly loose American styles, stripes and lattices in patterns can be widely used. Although the fabric of this shirt is mainly made of pure cotton, pure linen and pure wool, which emphasizes comfortable texture, it does not pay too much attention to high-end texture or special effects because of its household use. Generally this kind of shirt can be matched with sweaters and casual pants.

Because the dressing atmosphere of the college is extremely loose, home-style shirts are also the daily activity clothes of many college students and professors. When paired with flannel suits or other non-formal fabric suits, suits are called "blazers."

The holiday shirts are mostly made of light and thin pure cotton or silk fabrics. There is no restriction on the style. The collar and cuffs do not use interlining. Influenced by colonial culture and tropical vacation trends, vacation shirts are generally orthodox pure linen, which can be matched with vacation suits and trousers of the same texture, as well as knitted clothing.

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