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Introduction to the Craftsmanship of Suits

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Suits can be divided into fusible lining, semi-wool lining, and full-wool lining suits according to the process classification. The details are as follows.

1. Fusible interlining suit

This is a common suit process in the market. The main feature of this process is that the body is bonded to the lining, with wool lining, chest fleece, shoulder pads and reinforced lining, which makes the appearance feel firm, giving people a rigorous, upright and solemn feeling. In addition, in terms of design, half-li suits and cool suits have gradually appeared on the market (mesh lining is used for the lining, the chest fleece has been eliminated, the breathability is strong, and the wearing is lighter, softer and more comfortable). The fusible interlining process is a common process in the making of suits, and it is the main process for making suits, especially men's suits.

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2. Semi-wool core suits

This is a high-end product that is technically upgraded compared to ordinary fusible interlining suits. In terms of material selection, semi-wool core suits have very strict requirements on the opposite and auxiliary materials in order to better realize the technological characteristics. In the selection of fabrics, the fabrics are required to be pure wool and high-yarn worsted fabrics with good elasticity, strong drape, and smooth feel; The wool lining must be light, thin, soft and stiff, with good elasticity, good shrinkage, and high wool content; For the choice of woven lining, it must also be a thin, soft, woven lining that has a good soft feel after bonding. Semi-wool-core suits have high standards in terms of process requirements, and they also have high technical requirements for workers. Since the front body of the semi-wool-core suit does not stick to the lining, the wool lining and the fabric should be sewn directly. This requires the fiber lining and the fabric to be combined with uniform fiber strength and proper elasticity. At the same time, the fiber lap is also the key point of the process. It must reach the wool lining, that is, the fabric must be fibered without needle penetration. After the fiber is completed, the two laps will show a natural eversion state without pressing and ironing. The perfect expression of appearance. The production of semi-wool core suits fully reflects the feel of the fabric and the elasticity of the wool lining, and fully reflects the comfort of the first part of the suit, giving people a natural and soft three-dimensional feeling.

3. Full wool lining suit

This is one of the most high-end products. It is comfortable, natural and stiff to wear. The sleeves are made of lining that is different from the body, which has a high degree of smoothness and is easy to put on and take off. It is also a new type of high-end suit technology. In the production process, a fully automatic wool core machine is used to groove and synthesize the fabric and wool lining. Due to the complicated operation, labor-consuming, time-consuming and high material cost, the price is also very expensive, so the range of people suitable for wearing is limited. This kind of product is suitable for people with distinguished status or elegant taste.

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