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Maintenance of Cotton-Padded Clothes

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We have a lot of skills to learn in our daily lives. In summer, it is the best time to dry cotton clothes and quilts. So today we will talk to you about the techniques for maintaining cotton-padded clothes and quilts, so that you can have some basic knowledge of cotton-padded clothes and quilt maintenance.

1. Cotton-padded clothes and quilts have been used for a whole winter, it is inevitable that some bacteria will breed, and there will be some tides at the same time. So in summer, we can dry cotton clothes and quilts when the sun is better, which can effectively kill bacteria and ensure good health.

2. Before we dry the cotton clothes and quilts, we need to turn out the linings of the cotton clothes and quilts, and at the same time, we need to tap them with a small stick. In this way, some unclean things inside can be cleaned out. Then you need to shake all the cotton clothes and quilts, so that you can completely clean the dust on the cotton clothes.

3. The weather in some areas is relatively humid, especially during the rainy season. Therefore, it is best to wrap the cotton-padded clothes in a plastic bag, so as to keep out dust. At the same time, it is best to wrap the quilt with a bed sheet to ensure ventilation and prevent dust from entering.

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4. Special place is needed for storage of cotton-padded clothes. Many people are not very clear about this point. I suggest you put the cotton-padded clothes in a special cabinet. The cotton-padded clothes are best placed on the top, so as to prevent the cotton-padded clothes from being crushed by heavy objects. The quilt can be placed in the bottom layer, which does not affect future use.

5. After the cotton-padded clothes are stored for a long time, they will emit an unpleasant smell. In fact, this is also the inevitable thing that will happen when the cotton-padded clothes are stored for a long time, and so does the quilt. I’m here to tell you a good little trick to get rid of this smell, that is, you can put in the dried lemon so that the cotton coat has a fragrance when it is worn.

6. When using quilts, we must be careful not to drink water or beverages on the bed, because this will contaminate the quilt, so we should try to avoid it. In addition, the cotton-padded clothing must be protected from moisture. The cotton-padded clothing should be taken out regularly for inspection, so as to extend the use time of the cotton-padded clothing.

7. Cotton clothes and quilts are cotton fabrics, so they are easy to shrink. It is recommended that you pay more attention when washing cotton clothes and quilts. The place where quilts and cotton clothes are placed in your home should be as clean as possible to avoid bugs, so you can prepare some camphor balls.

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