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Men's Shirt Matching

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The shirt is not only the basic item in the girl's wardrobe, but also one of the must-have items for the sportsman. So how do you look good with men's shirts? Today we will bring you a few men's shirt matching skills. After learning these, you can also become a trendy man.

For men, shirts can be said to be a must-have item. Because whether it is a suit for formal occasions or for everyday casual wear, shirts can meet different needs. But it takes a lot of work to make common items stylish.

The white shirt should be a classic style in men's garments. So is there any pattern for wearing white shirts? In fact, there are. If you want a natural and casual feel, you can wear a dark blue shorts and pair it with a pair of white canvas shoes. Of course, there is another way to wear a common formal wear, which is a classic combination of white shirts, suits, and leather shoes.

But if you want to create a casual style, then denim shirts must have one. In fact, the matching of denim shirts is also very simple, but it varies according to the season. In spring and summer, you can choose light-colored slacks and canvas shoes to match a denim shirt. But when the weather gets cold in autumn and winter, you have to change to dark jeans and leather shoes.

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Have you learned the two matching methods of white shirts and denim shirts introduced above? If these two shirts belong to the basic style, then let's take a look at the matching of plaid shirts. Check shirts are different in color, size and density, so the overall style will change. A shirt with a small plaid will look a little more mature, so it will have a very calm feeling when paired with simple jeans. Larger, light-colored grids are more refreshing. At this time, this shirt can be very refreshing with black pants and white shoes. Of course, simplicity does not mean boring. Although the matching of shirts can not be very brilliant, but the clothes should be generous. For men who want to reflect their personality, it is not impossible to show your sense of fashion. In fact, you can also try differently in the choice of accessories.

For example, white shirts tend to give people a sense of seriousness. At this time, when matching, you can add accessories appropriately. Men wearing silk scarves are the embodiment of an elegant gentleman. The combination of white shirts and printed silk scarves can enhance the styling highlights, and the silk scarves can also modify the neck line, showing the temperament and charm. You can also pay more attention to the details, such as tie a bow at the bottom of the shirt, and increase the waistline to brighten the vision. Although this style of collocation looks a bit feminine, it can show the elegance of a man as long as the scale is well grasped.

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