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Men's Wear With a Sense of Luxury for Autumn and Winter

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In autumn and winter, black, white and gray items occupy the majority of men's wardrobes. In this way, dressing styles will inevitably feel boring throughout the autumn and winter. In fact, in autumn and winter, in addition to the classic black, white and gray colors, there are many different colors of clothing worthy of men's choice.

Often when designing clothing collocation, color matching is a problem that men can easily ignore. In fact, color tone is a very important part of the styling. From the color selection of the single product to the overall tone, it is the most intuitive response to the overall fashion style. Therefore, regardless of whether it is a whole or a partial match, you should pay attention to color matching. As long as the color is handled well, the characteristics of the styling will be more vivid, allowing you to wear a unique effect. So today we will take everyone to learn how to correctly wear the fashionable sense of autumn and winter colors.

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The first color is indigo. Indigo is a vat dye with a history of thousands of years and was widely used as early as the Warring States Period. In the minority areas of China, the traditional hand-made blue dyeing process is still maintained today, and it is well-known all over the world. This historically precipitated blue has an irresistible charm. Vintage indigo is a subtle fading of ink blue and indigo blue. This kind of color is full of strong gentleman sentiment, and calm atmosphere is synonymous with it. This color is very suitable for formal wear and will greatly improve your style.

The second color is army green. Army green caters to the prevailing trend of retro style nowadays and is presented in front of everyone with a high-end attitude. If you want to create a charming and charming look for a mature man, choose the darker ink army green, which will make your hormones burst. If you want to create a younger look, military green is a very good choice. The retro style will bring vitality and spirit. It has fashion tension and is not too public, so that the rhythm of youth is more natural.

The third color is red. As a relatively high saturation red, it can be said that it is a relatively strong color, and it can shock the audience as soon as it appears. And red gives people the feeling of youthfulness and enthusiasm, which is very in line with the temperament of college boys. If you are not so good at dressing, you don't need to try a bright red match. When matching red clothes, black and white can be used to balance the overall sense, so that it will not appear so ostentatious and dazzling. There are red embellishments in a set of shapes to ensure that it attracts countless eyes. This is the power of fashion.


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