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Popular Styles of Puffer Jackets

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The puffer jackets are for protection from the cold, with cotton and other thermal insulation materials in the middle. There is a lot of cotton or duck down in cotton clothes, so it can absorb a lot of air, and air is a poor conductor of heat, and it is not easy to produce heat exchange. Therefore, the heat from the human body is not easily dissipated, and the human will feel warm.

To cope with the cold changes in winter, fashionable and practical cotton and down jackets are indispensable. Even a super heavy coat can be worn in a trendy style as long as it is properly matched.

When we choose puffer jackets, we can choose slim-fit puffer jackets. A hooded cotton-padded jacket with full of personality, colorful ice powder, special printing pattern, very personal to wear, suitable for people who like unique feeling. Maybe the hat on the cotton coat cannot be removed, but it is very warm, and if it is high-quality rex rabbit fur, it will be more comfortable. Of course, when choosing a cotton-padded jacket, you can choose a cotton-padded jacket that has a playful and rebellious feel to wear, which makes people unconsciously indulged in it. Slim-fit puffer jackets will not only keep you warm, but also allow you to show your figure better in winter.


An orange cotton coat is also very fashionable. The orange red is fashionable and eye-catching, and the multi-fold design is the highlight of the whole dress. And its glossy material makes you look more fashionable. Tall girls can match flared pants; shorter girls can choose shorts and skirts to match this style of cotton coat.

Of course, you can also choose a long black cotton-padded jacket with a simple style. A thin waistband can accentuate your figure and enhance the fashion of this cotton-padded jacket. A cotton-padded jacket with a loose neckline design can enhance the overall level, and matching with more prominent color pantyhose can repair the legs and show an elegant posture.

Or you can choose a cotton-padded jacket made of metallic luster fabric. The metallic luster fabric adds a futuristic feel to this padded jacket, which is extremely fashionable. Plaid and polka dot patterns have been popular for a long time, combined with light-colored jeans with a sense of wear, full of neutral beauty. Moreover, the warmth of puffer jackets is extremely high, which is especially suitable for people who love to exercise in winter.

The light-colored padded jacket is an obvious bright spot in winter, giving a refreshing impression. Casual style, strong sense of design, paired with short trousers, not only keep warm, but also lengthen the body. The large bag on the back will make people look more fashion, and it will definitely create your unique style.

The waist-length cotton jacket is an easy-to-fit item. The designer underlined a few fold lines on the cotton-padded jacket to make you self-cultivation and not bloated, with a strong sense of hierarchy. The fluffy big hat is more natural and natural, and the pure black style is very handsome.

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