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Quality Appraisal of Cotton-Paddad Clothes

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From a long time ago, people started to wear cotton clothes extensively. The appearance of cotton-padded clothes makes everyone no longer feel cold in winter. After entering the modern society, people's demand for cotton-padded clothes is huge. This is naturally because cotton-padded clothes themselves have various advantages, and the price of cotton-padded clothes on the market is relatively cheap. But in fact, the quality of cotton-padded clothes is also divided into good and bad. It is also more important for us to master some small skills when buying cotton-padded clothes. Now we will introduce to you in detail the distinguishing techniques for the quality of cotton-padded clothes.

First of all, we can knead the cotton clothes with our hands. If you feel that the texture of the cotton-padded clothes is uniform and there is no run-off phenomenon when you knead the cotton-padded clothes, the quality of the cotton-padded clothes is quite good. However, if there is run-off phenomenon in cotton-padded clothes, there is only one possibility that the quality of the filling is poor and it does not meet the standard.

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Secondly, we can also use the touch method to test its feel. If it feels more tied to the touch, the quality of the cotton-padded clothes will naturally be greatly discounted. Also, good quality cotton clothes are generally fluffy and soft, which can be clearly felt when we touch them.

We can also pat the cotton-padded clothes appropriately to see if there are particles floating in the cotton-padded clothes. Some black-hearted cotton manufacturers usually do not do well in cleaning the cotton clothes. Therefore, we can quickly distinguish the quality of cotton clothes through a simple cleanliness test.

In addition, we have another suggestion that, whether you are buying cotton-padded clothing or other cotton products, we must ask the manufacturer to take apart a corner of the product to see the color of the cotton inside. If its color is yellow, then the quality of the cotton-padded clothing Is not so good.

After learning the above tips, it will be easier for us to choose products that we are satisfied with in the process of buying cotton textile products. With the continuous progress and development of cotton textile processing technology, there are fewer and fewer black-hearted cotton manufacturers. But we still need to pay special attention to it when buying and avoiding poor quality cotton clothes. Modern cotton textile processing technology allows us to feel that the times are progressing, and all aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation are undergoing major changes, as is the textile industry. As long as we work hard, we believe that the future of the textile industry will be even better.

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