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The Difference Between Cotton and Down Jackets

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In the cold winter, we usually buy cotton-padded jackets or down jackets to keep out the cold, so do you know the difference between cotton-padded jackets and down jackets? Let's take a look together today.

First, the average fiber diameter of down is only about 5m. Because feather fibers are fine and dense, they have high fluffiness and good warmth retention. The characteristic of down with fluffy, porous and high air content reduces the heat conduction and convection effect of the air layer in the down jacket a lot, and the still air layer between the inner and outer layers of the clothing material will bring a good warmth retention effect. The thermal performance of down jackets is related to the quality of down jackets and fabrics.

The cotton fibers in the cotton clothes can well prevent the air flow inside and outside the clothes. In this way, the heat in the cotton-padded clothes cannot be dissipated, and the outside air cannot enter, so that the heat-preservation effect of the cotton-padded clothes can be well realized.

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Down jackets are down filled directly. Because it is fluffy and porous, its air content is much higher than that of cotton clothes, and its air permeability is also lower. This reduces the heat conduction and convection effect of the air layer between the clothes a lot, and the heat in the clothes is more difficult to radiate than cotton clothes. Both cotton and down jackets have their own advantages. There are more styles of cotton-padded jackets than down jackets, and they are more fashionable. The styles of down jackets are basically simple.

The difference between padded jacket and down jacket.

1. Filling material: cotton-padded clothes are mostly filled with cotton, wool blends, polyester fibers and other things. Down jackets are filled with goose down and duck down.

2. Warmth retention: Down is by far the best natural material for humans to keep warm. Goose down, duck down, etc. are processed into down by people after being washed, dried, and classified. Compared with man-made materials, the warmth of down is three times that of general man-made materials.

3. Style: The quilted jacket is slightly bloated because it is filled with cotton, polyester fiber and other materials. But its design is more diverse. The down jacket has the characteristics of lightness, softness and warmth. A down jacket spun with nylon for noodles and lining has a total weight of 500-1000 grams, which is 1/6 to 1/2 of the weight of other winter clothes. Because the down is soft, it is used as a cloth material for clothes and is comfortable to wear. But the design style of down jacket is relatively simple.

4. Practicality: Cotton clothes will not be too troublesome in the daily wearing process. The craftsmanship of down jacket is a bit troublesome, and its price is relatively high.

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