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The Key Points of Suit Matching

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When people pay more and more attention to the concepts and skills of clothing matching, the society pays more and more attention to appearance and dress. With career-oriented men, clothing matching skills have become more and more important. Let's take you through the 6 skills of suit matching.

1. Single-breasted suit jacket

Everyone's figure is definitely different, and for a particularly stout man, the most suitable for him is a single-breasted shirt. But be careful to choose dark clothes, the size must be suitable for the buttons to highlight the thicker chest. Avoid light-colored clothing, you can choose economical tie. Using a strap instead of a belt can make the waist less prominent.

2. Show your own characteristics

Height and obesity will not affect the taste and style of clothes at all, as long as they are matched correctly, even if the figure is relatively short, you can wear your own characteristics. Therefore, please be careful not to wear overweight and light-colored clothes, so that you can completely conceal your shortcomings and reflect your own style.

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3. It is not suitable to use pinstripes

For a tall and thin man, the most important thing is not to choose a combination of pinstripes. Because they have such fine lines, wearing such clothes exposes physical defects. Choosing a plaid pattern to increase the sense of solidity, the contrast of the colors of the top and the pants will be better than wearing a full suit.

4. Socks should be matched properly

White cotton socks are used throughout the year, even in formal occasions. This is actually a very bad habit. Men's socks are generally divided into dark suit socks and pure cotton casual socks. White cotton socks are only used with casual clothes and casual shoes. The standard suit socks are mainly in black, brown, gray, and navy blue, and the color must be appropriate to match the suit. Otherwise, white cotton socks are exposed between the leather shoes and the suit pants, which feels really a bit embarrassing.

5. Tie collocation should also be appropriate

Wearing a proper tie will always add points, but it should be noted that too long or too short is indecent. And the width of the tie does not have a certain rule, just match the width of the suit lapel to be very harmonious. As for the pattern and color selection of the tie, it is necessary to pay attention to it. It is best to choose a single-color tie without patterns and patterns, which is the least error-prone, simple and practical.

6. There are no more than 3 colors

As far as overall lines and overall dress are concerned, there are absolutely no more than three suggestions for color matching for the whole body. Otherwise, people will appear fancy and unstable, and they will appear cluttered and unintegrated. If you want to be smoother and more elegant, you must not exceed three colors.

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