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The Use of Red Color in Clothing Matching

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Red clothes look enthusiastic and atmospheric, and red symbolizes good luck, so red clothes are more and more popular with girls. But red is a difficult color to match. How to match red clothes to look good?

1. Red with black, white, and gray

The easiest way to match red clothes is white, and black is also one of the most suitable ways. The strong color contrast makes the red look more dazzling, fully highlighting the passionate visual characteristics of red. Gray is a very good transition color, which can slightly make red look deeper, suitable for mature people who like to wear red. However, I still prefer the classic way of wearing red and black together.

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2. Avoid matching red with blue, pink and brown.

The combination of red and blue, pink and brown is the most prone to failure. Because red belongs to the warm color system, and blue, pink, and brown belong to the cool color system, the color system is too different, which will make the overall match look very abrupt and extremely inconsistent. And if the intermediate colors such as white, black and coffee are added between red and these colors, it can play a very good excess role.

3. Use red as the main color

Red is a warm color, which symbolizes enthusiasm and excitement. It is easy to catch the attention of others. Therefore, in clothing matching, if red appears, it is best to use red as the main color, and other colors appear as auxiliary colors and embellishments. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the situation where the priority is not distinguished and the guest is overwhelming.

4. Red is above black and below white

Generally speaking, when red clothes are matched with black, red usually appears as the main color of tops and coats. When red and white are matched, red is the main color for short skirts and pants. Of course, this is not to say that black is above red, and white is below red are not okay. In fact, as long as you can grasp the principle of red as the main color, you can change the position of red and other colors.

5. Red and yellow match

Passionate red with bright yellow, eye-catching and memory will definitely make people feel very deep. This year, since Moschino put the yellow and red McDonald's on the runway, this dazzling wind has not stopped. Of course, the eye-catching color scheme is really aggressive for daily use. If you are a low-key girl, use it with caution.

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