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The matching of down jackets

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Down jacket in winter is an indispensable piece of clothing, but some people think that wearing a down jacket is too bloated, let's talk about how to match a down jacket to look good.

1. A short down jacket with a small skirt and a pair of short boots

You can choose different thicknesses of base socks according to the coldness of the weather. If you are particularly afraid of the cold or want a concave shape, you can also match it with a certain hat. Choose short down jackets and short boots to better lengthen your leg lines. At the same time, the matching of short skirts allows you to easily build long legs without looking bloated because of the down jacket.

2. Mid-length down jacket with leggings and white shoes or casual shoes

If your hips are wider, a mid-length down jacket is your best choice. It can well cover the shortcomings of your figure, and the combination of leggings and casual shoes allows you to exercise freely in winter.

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3. Down jacket with jeans and short boots

With such a match, you can choose the length of the down jacket according to your preferences, and match it with versatile jeans, it will make you look full of youth and vitality. Jeans are casual and stylish, and paired with a pair of short boots will make you look very stylish.

4. Mid-length down jacket with leggings and snow boots

This kind of match is simple and warm, and it is a good match for people who are afraid of cold. In short, if you want to wear leggings, it is best to choose a mid-length or long down jacket. Because the leggings are tighter, the long down jacket can well cover the flesh of your buttocks.

5. Down jacket with sweater

If you want to wear a down jacket elegant and gentle, you only need a sweater dress. Whether it is pants or skirts, the waistline is indispensable if you want to look high. Leggings and nude boots that fit the leg lines, the two blacks combined, have a sense of sight of 1.8 meters long legs. A black inner wear looks thinner, and is more fashionable than a swollen down jacket. The satin design of the down jacket not only has texture, but also shows your elegance.

6. Down jacket with vest

When you walk around indoors and outdoors, the temperature is hot and cold, the vest plays an important role. The mid-length vest can alleviate the embarrassment of taking off the down jacket and only wear the inner jacket indoors, and can also cover the wide hips, elephant legs, and flat buttocks. The straight version of the vest is more visible, simple and capable. The large lapel of the down jacket echoes the small lapel of the vest, making you look very fashionable.

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