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Three Fashion Styles of Men's Jackets

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In autumn, jackets have become everyone's favorite clothes. Today we will introduce you to several very fashionable jackets.

1. Safari jacket

The traditional safari jacket is a jacket that reaches the hip length. In the past, it was usually made of chinos, but nowadays safari jackets have larger collar openings and more diverse fabrics. The safari jacket can be traced back to 1900, a jacket invented by the British army to enable soldiers to better march in the African jungle. There is no doubt about the practicality of clothing generally used in the army, such as cotton chinos, parka and so on. The safari jacket is also durable. It is generally made of thick and strong twill, which can be worn for a long time even if it is washed in the washing machine. In addition to being practical, it is not bothersome in collocation. For example, in the south where the temperature is still high, you can match casual items such as T-shirts, Polo shirts, jeans, etc., which is the most comfortable match. In the cold north, adding a turtleneck sweater is also sufficient for men who are afraid of being hot. It should be noted here that the sweater used as the inner layer should not be too loose, otherwise the bulging and uncomfortable movement of the jacket will easily appear bloated and unconscious.

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2. Harrington jacket

The Harrington jacket is a lightweight short jacket, similar in appearance to the bomber jacket, but with some more special details. Regular Harrington jackets will use Fraser plaid or checkerboard pattern cloth as lining, sand and dark blue are the most classic colors. The Harrington jacket was born to play golf in the early days. The practical and durable sports outdoor clothing is the basic, coupled with its loose version and lightweight fabric, it is more comfortable and convenient to wear. Almost all the clothes in your closet can match it. For example, the most common white T-shirts and jeans. If you want to increase the charm of a mature man, you can also match it with a casual striped shirt. When matching pants, you can match everything except suit pants.

3. Functional jacket

The simplest definition of a functional jacket is an outdoor jacket made of functional fabrics, such as waterproof fabrics and fireproof fabrics. Therefore, the design of the functional style single product itself represents a high degree of practicality: the selection of high-performance fabrics, the selection of the zipper position and so on. The way to integrate outdoor items into daily wear in collocation is to tailor a functional jacket. Such as matching a simple round neck T-shirt and jeans. The shoes can be paired with sneakers or a pair of boots that are more in line with autumn.


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