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Tips for Buying Jackets

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A jacket is short coat, worn by both men and women. Apart from the suit, the jacket is one of the most important pieces in a man's wardrobe. If cut and styled well, and if made in a fairly neutral color palette, this versatile piece of outerwear is suitable for both formal and leisure activities.

When buying a jacket, you must first choose different styles according to your body shape. People with fat body can choose a V-neck single-breasted decorative jacket to make the wearer have the effect of shortening the shoulders and lengthening the neck. If a woman with fat body chooses a jacket with only the main line or a ripped back, it will highlight the lines of the human body and appear slim and delicate. The jacket worn by a short person should be relatively simple, the collar should not be too large, and the decoration should not be overly complicated, otherwise it will make the figure appear shorter. Thin and tall people will look more stable and stronger when they wear a jacket with pockets.

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Secondly, when buying a jacket, you should choose jackets of different colors according to your body shape and skin color. If you have a fat body, you should choose a cool-toned jacket to give people a strong and youthful feel. If you are smaller or thinner and taller, choose a warm-toned jacket to make you look taller and stronger. In addition, you must pay attention to the size and quality of jackets, just like other clothing. The length of the jacket should be slightly shorter than that of a tunic or a suit. Generally speaking, the human body is standing with the hands hanging down naturally, and the place where the wrist can be reached shall prevail. When fitting clothes, the chest should be slightly wider, and the back should be suitable, so that you can feel free when you stretch your hands forward.

People with large hips will look ugly in a jacket. One reason is because the hem is tight and uncomfortable, and the other is because no matter what style of pants you wear, it is difficult to match the jacket. Therefore, it is generally not recommended for people of this body to wear a jacket. The color of the jacket should be as stable as possible, such as black, gray, navy blue, brown, etc. Because these colors can hold down the overall color system, you can choose the same color system or side color system for the matching inner cloth. For example, you can choose blue-gray, green, blue, gray and other sweaters for the navy blue jacket. But in order not to make mistakes, it is best to use a uniform color system.

When wearing a short jacket, it can be matched with sweaters or hoodies! But remember that the clothes inside should not be too loose, too loose will affect the wearing effect of the outer jacket.

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