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Tips for Buying Puffer Jackets Clothes

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In winter, when the weather is relatively cold, our first choice for clothes should be warm cotton clothes. But while we pay attention to keeping warm, we must not forget the sense of fashion. Although heavy winter coats often make people more bloated, choosing a suitable winter coat becomes the key to whether we can wear a trendy sense. So let's take a look at which aspects we should pay attention to when buying puffer jackets?

1. The various marks on the puffer jackets should be complete. Such as the name of the factory, the site, the content of the fabric lining, the type of cotton weight and the index of the cotton content, the washing label, the product quality label, the quality grade, the code of the implementation standard, etc. Pay attention to whether the inner lining of puffer jackets and down jackets is lined with plastic film and fake air-tight lining materials.

2. When buying puffer jackets, you should go to large and medium-sized shopping malls with good quality, reputation and standard after-sales service to help protect your legal rights and interests.


3. When buying puffer jackets, pay attention to the style of the puffer jackets and whether they are suitable for you to wear. The style should generally be novel, unique, and fit, while keeping warm and practical.

4. The price of puffer jackets is generally moderate. If the price is too low, the inner quality of the puffer jackets cannot be guaranteed, and various quality disputes are likely to occur.

5. When buying puffer jackets and down jackets, be sure to try them on, especially the bust size should be moderate. You can wear a sweater inside, and then put on a cotton jacket or down jacket. It is suitable for wearing if it feels neither tight nor loose.

6. Pay attention to the resilience of puffer jackets. You can press the fluffy cotton clothing, and then loosen it, it will rebound quickly. If it can be restored to its original shape, it means that the cotton has a good fluffy degree. If the down content is low, mixed with a certain amount of wool flakes or crushed wool, the resilience will be poor, and the down jacket will feel heavy in the hand. When choosing cotton clothes, you can decide whether to choose board cotton or fluffy cotton according to your preference.

7. Cotton clothing cannot be drilled, but it must have a certain degree of air permeability. If the fabric, lining, and bladder of the puffer jackets have poor air permeability, on the one hand, when wearing the puffer jackets, water vapor is not easy to emit, which will cause dampness and feel uncomfortable to wear and not keep warm. On the other hand, it is not easy to dry after washing. The above two factors will cause the cotton clothes to deteriorate in different degrees under damp conditions and emit a bad smell.

The last thing everyone should pay attention to is that we don't fold and store the cotton clothes after we wear them. Because it is easy to fold the cotton clothes, and it will squeeze the cotton wool inside into a ball, so we should choose to hang the cotton clothes for storage.

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