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Tips for Fashionable Clothes Matching

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Many people have such troubles. There are so many clothes in the closet, but they just don't match, so that the whole person's dressing and matching are very unfashionable. Today we will introduce some of the most common dressing tips. These rules seem very simple on the surface, but when taken seriously, they are actually quite helpful. You can quickly upgrade your clothes matching skills and look more handsome and temperamental.

1. Never buckle all the buttons when wearing a suit

When wearing a suit jacket, there are also tricks for buttoning. When you fasten a button, you will find that the silhouette of the suit is slimmer, your chest and shoulders will be firm, and your waist will be thinner. Please note that you should never button up all the buttons on your suit, this is for functionality and comfort. When all the buttons are buttoned, your movement around the hips and chest will be restricted, as is the double-breasted jacket.

2. Never wear neckties and pocket squares of different colors

The essence of this rule is to always wear a pocket square. Pocket squares add brilliance to the appearance, which will last forever. It breaks the monotony of the jacket's chest. From shoulders to pockets, about 6 to 8 inches of fabric can be used for some decorations. The combination of pocket square and tie should be complementary in the color scheme, but not the same. Doing so will force you to be creative. For example, a pocket square can have a subtle color in a tie. When placed in a suit pocket, it will bring out unlimited colors when paired with a tie.


3. Pair high-quality shoes when wearing a suit

Shoes are the focus of suits. They bring you a sense of perfection with a first-class and elegant appearance. When you wear a good pair of shoes, people can see your suit better. The natural tendency when looking at someone is to start with the head. But classic and fashionable shoes will attract attention and cause onlookers to scan you from start to finish. This is why the entire suit can be seen. More importantly, shoes must have first-class quality. Just like a suit, price can indicate quality. This is not a guarantee, but it can usually point you in the right direction. High-priced shoes are usually better made.

4. Never wear a suit jacket without matching suit pants

The design of the suit is formal; although not as formal as the tuxedo, it is still very formal. The definition of a suit is a jacket and pants that are made of the same material and have the same design. If you are a person who does not have multiple suits, and what happens when you wear pants or jackets alone, then you will wear a suit, so the ideal state is that the suit matches the corresponding pants.

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